New June Manga Series Available on Azuki

My favorite digital manga subscription service Azuki, home of my beloved My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files and newer fave Our Aimless Nights, will be adding nine new additions to its catalog including Star Fruit Books’ highly anticipated indie horror manga The Horrors of Noroi Michiru and eight new series across a variety of genres from MediBang. These titles include Different Nation, Repeating Your End Together, Sinner, Flen in Black, If You Share A Kiss with Asakawa, Stories from the Shopping District, VESTIGE, and Makabe-sensei’s Perfect Plan, distributed by MediBang.

All nine titles are now available worldwide (except Japan) on the Azuki website and iOS and Android apps, with select free chapters available.

The Horrors of Noroi Michiru by Noroi Michiru, published by Star Fruit Books: For the first time ever, the master of horror Noroi Michiru is available in English! This two-volume collection includes his one-shots, with each page rendered in exquisite detail to showcase his splendid artwork — each panel worthy of being framed. Noroi Michiru’s aesthetic is impressive in that it conforms to Western expectations, both amongst illustrated covers and also pages of narrative — focused, realistic anatomy, as opposed to more exaggerated, fanciful forms. His concepts, artwork, and narratives are as admirable as the efforts of Junji Ito, but his circulation, and consequently his fanbase, has mainly been exclusive to Japan.

Note: The Horrors of Noroi Michiru is an Azuki digital exclusive, meaning its digital release will be available only on Azuki. Star Fruit Books will release the series in print in two volumes. Volume 1 is 204 pages and goes on sale July 18, 2024.

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: horror via manga, indie manga, and heavily detailed illustrations

Different Nation by Kakio Tsurukawa, distributed by MediBang: Since the aliens invaded Earth 20 years ago, they have co-existed with human beings in this country. ICPO, an institution with a mission to prevent violent crime happening in the invaded nation, is the main protagonist of this full-colored sci-fi human drama. Together with Roy, a former New York police officer, and a serious alien named Leonardo, Rika, a new Japanese investigator, confronts a crime organization in the bizarre but thrilling “Different Nation.”

Note: Kakio Tsurukawa also has two one-shots available from Star Fruit Books on Azuki: Sawanabe Zombie and Ikyoudo.

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: the sdic-fiction, drama and actions genres, and Shonen-like stories

Repeating Your End Together by Seiju Natsumegu, distributed by MediBang: “Things I wanted to re-do seem to be endless…” An elite Office Lady, Komori, has a unique ability to do minimum time looping but the limit suddenly turned into 10 years when she got in an accident. The one who greets her in the high-school-past was that man, who had lived in Komori’s heart for a long time… sometimes remembered as a smiling nerd, sometimes as a lifeless body that Komori couldn’t save.

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: the drama, romance, and sci-fi genres

VESTIGE by Cacoethic, distributed by MediBang: A survival thriller manga in full color! Keep your guard up and hunt everything you can because you never know when you’ll be hunted!

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: full colored stories, post-apocalyptic stories, and characters on the run

Makabe-sensei’s Perfect Plan by Kosuke Tokimune, distributed by MediBang: The high school teacher Kanichi Makabe is what you might call a “perfectionist.” He does not compromise anything that might hinder his perfect routine! From fighting over seats in the train to protecting a corner of an eraser, every peaceful boring day is indeed a battlefield for him…

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: the comedy and slice-of-life genres, manga dealing with school life, and Seinen like stories

Sinner by Kye, distributed by MediBang: Babies are scanned at birth, and their criminal probability is found. All is well if they’re not criminally inclined. However, if their numbers are too risky, they’re removed from society. This is heartbreaking for many, so a group of sinners is now fighting back for their right to try and not just be labeled at birth. Join us on their journey.

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: science fiction, angsty and tragic narratives

Flen in Black by Keisuke Odagiri, distributed by MediBang: Chika grows medicinal herbs and sometimes helps treat her fellow villagers. One day, she notices someone dressed from head to toe in black standing in her herb garden. It turns out that person’s name is Flen, and she also seems to be extremely knowledgeable about medicines and herbs. Chika invites her in for a drink and asks her where she’s from. Flen replies with the mysterious answer “over the eastern mountain, and then as far as east goes.” However, it seems there is a secret behind Flen’s amazing medicinal knowledge. What could it be?

This looks like it will appeal to fans of: stories about medicine and healers, characters of mysterious origins

Azuki is available on the web at and in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The app features 300 manga series, including international hits like Attack on Titan, Fire Force, and A Silent Voice. Azuki also publishes acclaimed new series like Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms, Natsume & Natsume, and My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files, with weekly new chapters available exclusively via the Azuki app.

Manga fans can start reading for free with advertisements today, or upgrade to Premium and access the full Premium catalog featuring thousands of chapters for just $4.99 a month. A 14-day free trial and discounted annual plan are also available, and additional volumes outside the subscription can be purchased via direct volume sales. Premium members get 20% off all volumes. Most titles are available worldwide (except Japan). Stay up to date on the latest announcements by following Azuki at,, and

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