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Writer: Tim Seeley / Artist: Minkyu Jung / DC Comics

As the Blockbuster arc continues, we learn that the dude we thought was Mark was actually Roland, Mark’s brother that always manipulated his brother’s ability. Now that Roland has enhanced the Blockbuster formula to keep his wits about him while increasing his super strength, he’s much more formidable as an adversary. Or ally. Roland comes to Nightwing with a proposal to help Mark and his proximity to Tiger Shark but messing with Shark’s business. Of course, there is the question of if Roland is trustworthy or not, but Nightwing has a lot of other things on his mind. Between another great interaction with Detective Svoboda (who is definitely not Nightwing’s Commissioner Gordon) and a damn sure uncomfortable conversation with Shawn regarding their pregnancy scare, it’s fair to say that Grayson is pretty distracted this issue. Which makes for a good story as we see a range of emotions from Grayson and how he interacts with the world, realizing one strategy doesn’t work for all of them. It also sets up a realistic reason for why he keeps getting into shit he should see coming.


There’s a remarkable amount of balance in this issue too. The conversation with Shawn is heavier, the conversation with Svoboda surprising, but there’s a good mix of humor too, especially during the fight scenes. Seeley, with the previous work on the Grayson book and through 20+ issues of this one has really nailed Grayson in a way that seems more comfortable than many authors before him.

Jung is on hand with the art this issue and I really like the fit with the character and story. The pencils feel softer and nurtured, which work with the concept of Nightwing. Also, Chris Sotomayer does a great on colors that really make a few scenes pop in vibrancy, even when not much action is happening.


Nightwing has had some good arcs thus far, but Blockbuster seems to be a good one, especially with the twists and turns. It does what works best for Nightwing, dropping him into a lot of trouble and watching him trapeze himself out.

8.9 Failed Conversations out of 10

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