Wonder Woman Tasmanian Devil Special #1 Review

Writer: Antony Bedard / Artist: Barry Kitson / DC Comics

Another well-executed crossover between a Looney Toons and DC property, this time taking place between Taz and Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and I am astounded by how seamlessly Taz was imposed into Wonder Woman’s mythos. We see their first encounter back in Diana’s trials during her time trying to prove herself to her mother and the other Amazons. The use of the Labyrinth was a genius play and we see it not being a closed circuit but having portals toward other corners of the Earth. Bedard shows us a cunning and studious Diana back in her youth before the circumstances that bring her back to her second meeting with Taz.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 3.43.31 PM

Taz is described as a whole different type of beast; seeing Diana need his help as well as being able to understand him brought varying levels of depth to his character. Taz is strong and way more than a mindless monster as we see him help Diana and navigate through the Labyrinth, on top of getting ready for the final boss battles.

Bedard gives a great look at Taz, as well as Diana and her craftiness prior to becoming the girl scout/killer we’ve known over the years. Kitson does a spectacular job drawing them both, making them appear similar to the styles in which Wonder Woman is drawn in her early years under Rucka, Evely, and Sharpe’s reign on her series. This looks very much like a Golden Age tale and the different portions of the Labyrinth that get displayed are like a video game walkthrough.

Bedard and Kitson provide an addition to the mythology of Wonder Woman with this Labyrinth that I hope will come to be referenced over in her main series as well. We’ve got a solid story, character depth, and world building all in a one shot. This creative team put meticulous thought and nothing but bars into each panel in this special, and it shows.

9.8 All-You-Can-Eat Amazon Buffets out of 10

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