Nightwing: The Series Ep. 5 (Finale) Review

You know, statistically speaking, given the fact that I’ve been marginally satisfied across the board thus far with the limited web series, I was really ready to write the finale off as trash. I mean, nothing’s ever good forever, right? But as it turns out, the fan made kickstarter series knows how to finish strong.

The finale starts us off with Nightwing on the hunt for Slade “Never Met A Severed Head I Didn’t Like” Wilson, attempting to stop him before he can take out his final target. At times, the feel of the action beats seems to play out much like stages of a video game, to the show’s credit AND detriment. Sometimes, this formula comes across feeling fun and familiar and at other moments, awkward and predictable. The fight choreography isn’t quite as strong as Nightwing and Slade’s first meeting in Episode 3, yet it almost makes sense for their final encounter to seem abbreviated and fast considering these are expert martial artists who’ve seen enough of each other’s moves to adjust tactics. The resolution seems a little predictable but satisfying nonetheless.

They were even nice enough to top the festivities off with a twist ending and cameo. Both could have been better punctuated to follow along with the rest of the episode’s pacing. The only real issue is that there’s a bothersome scene where Deathstroke is just a bit too whiny for my tastes in revealing his motives. However, since I don’t know if it’s the fault of writing or the actor’s execution, I’m willing to let it slide. For the most part, I would love to see this released as a DVD short with all the bonus features from the corresponding YouTube page.

Bottom Line: It’s not exactly a perfect effort, but it’s fun, well-polished and certainly a one step forward in the fight for fan-made work to be taken seriously. 8 out of 10


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