Cannon Busters: A New Project from LeSean Thomas

Truthfully,  LeSean Thomas is well known. If you ever heard of The Boondocks or Black Dynamite, his name will probably ring a bell for he’s held several roles while working on both shows including lead character designer and producer. Maybe you recall his name because of his work of The Legend of Korra as a story board artist. If you’re been living under a rock, perhaps his name might sound familiar because he’s one of the artists involved in the making of the art that’s going with the special calender involved with the epic Reading Rainbow Kickstarter that originally raised two million dollars in the first two days, and over six million in total. No? That’s okay because surely, his newest project will blow you away and most certainly help you remember his name.

Thomas’ newest endeavor is for an animated series titled Canon Busters. The story, the characters, the fight sequences, the vision of this project has been with him for a while now. It came to him when he was overseas in Korea working in the television animation business. Based on a comic book Thomas had created, the story of Cannon Busters is a wild, vivid adventure that is as visually striking as its plot. Set in a world where power is sought by a dangerous brute and this, in turn creates mass chaos in the land, leading a young prince to flee his home in ruins and also separating him from a his faithful friend and robot. This particular robot named S.A.M., is determined to find him again and she is joined by a few others. Three other unique individuals join her quest complete with their own pasts, setbacks, hopes and interior motives.

Thomas has expressed how he wanted Cannon Busters as an animated feature to see the light of day, but kept running into walls and ‘strings attached’circumstances. He kept running into dead ends and half starts.

“Sometimes you have to create what it is you want to be apart of, and not wait for someone to hand it to you…” -LeSean Thomas on Why KickStarter was ideal for this project

With Kickstarter he seems to have the platform he always needed to help bring this to life, while even showering the people who want to help by donating with special incentives.

A dream team was been assembled here and it is glorious! In addition to Thomas by way of his talents and his original story, joining him are Bahi JD and Tim Yoon, animator and consulting producer. Thomas Romain and Joe Madureira are also onboard as mechanical designer and contributing character designer. A superb crew whose resumes boast such great works like The Legend of Korra, Space Dandy and Darksiders. All that talent and experience on one singular project should surely be able to give us something nerdgasm worthy.

Cannon Busters is sure to be a treat–it looks to capture elements of everything we love in a giant mashup via in animated form. We must be vigilant to stay on the lookout for great stories that move us, for characters that irk and delight us and the artists who come together in non traditional means to make that happen. Here’s to wishing LeSean and crew the best of luck in getting Cannon Busters to us, be sure to check out their Kickstarter.


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