So, Nightwing: The Series has had a couple of minor stumbles but is getting pretty good as we head closer to its big finish. When we last the former Boy Wonder, he got his ass handed to him by everyone’s favorite cheat code fighter, Deathstroke. By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned this enough, this fan made Deathstroke is just about a perfect characterization. Anyway, as we move toward the inevitable climax, we make a small detour for some character development.

J todd

This issue finds Dick Grayson healing during the aftermath of the Deathstroke attack. Of course, his ailing ego is in just as much pain as his body is at this point. Of course, this makes an unexpected pep talk from a familiar face just what the doctor ordered. It becomes more apparent with each episode exactly where the Kickstarter money went as far as special and technical effects. Again, if the objective is to show mainstream venues that giving fans what they want isn’t that hard, mission accomplished. I mentioned this in an earlier review, but I simply cannot get past how “cute” they made Batman. I know what casting constraints must be like with these fan-made works, but never quite got the feeling of intensity we should always have from Batman whether he’s in or out of costume. The cameo was nice, but it’s always good to see a little compassion from the Dark Knight when it’s so unpopular to do so over the years. With the pace they’re obviously going for, this episode served the 60% action/40% exposition plan pretty well. It didn’t quite carry the appropriate gravitas that it should considering the next one is obviously the big showdown, but it still manages to leave you ready for the finale.

Bottom Line: It’s not perfect, but it’s fun. And a lot better than Gotham. 7.5 out of 10.


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