Notes On E3: And On the Third Day, E3 Gave us Our First PC Show

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[title type=”h2″]Day 3[/title]
The best part of E3 is when you actually get to see some gameplay. As I sit here and type this I’m watching multiple streamers on Twitch take on some of the games we are most excited to see. While a few of these games never made an actual appearance at the conferences held this year, another few were briefly mentioned and we were left wanting more. One for example is Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s story takes place well into the future where our time is now considered “The World of the Old Ones” and as humans, we are no longer the dominant species. Nature has taken back what we’ve stolen from it but something seems off. The land is overrun with dinosaurs-highly advanced mechanical dinosaurs.

In this new IP you play as Aloy, a young woman from a tribal society set on hunting down these hulking machines as a means to survive. But she’s different from her people. Aloy’s understanding of this post-apocalyptic world rivals that of her tribe. She’s a master craftswoman and an expert hunter, an archer who is curious of the new world and makes the best of all that it has to offer her.

In this game you will embark on a journey with Aloy as she makes her way through this world and discovers her destiny. Of what life has in store for her and you do it all in wonder as the beautiful landscapes will surely take your breath away.

Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for a 2016 release and is exclusively for the PS4. Until then, we are left to ponder on who Aloy really is, why these robotic dinosaurs exist and if the other settlers in this game are more friend than foe.

And for all you PC gamers out there…

Over on the tech side of E3:
Tuesday night they held their first ever PC Gaming Show. It started off rather slow and, admittedly, wasn’t the best conference held this year, but it was a reveal later into the show that caught my interest.

Sponsor AMD presented their newest GPU (graphics processor unit), a dual Fiji video card. It’s still in development so there’s not much information besides the fact that this single card will hold two Fiji GPUs.

Without getting too technical, what we can also say is that this little baby here alone makes the newly announced PC, Project Quantum (a PC built specifically for Virtual Reality gaming), 10 times more powerful than a PS4 and an Xbox One. Running at 16 TERAFLOPS, Project Quantum (image displayed below) is an almighty powerful system partly thanks to this new and lovely GPU.

With that being said, our attention is certainly caught and my wallet is already screaming for its life knowing this is a purchase I’ve considered making and the thing isn’t even close to completion yet… But knowing what we do now, one just can’t help themselves.

[title type=”h2″]Day 2[/title]

During EA’s E3 press conference it was confirmed that there will be a new Mass Effect and that it will be called Mass Effect: Andromeda. Along with the announcement came a reveal trailer showing a soldier clad in N7 armor, exploring worlds on a galaxy map of Andromeda before walking away with a weapon at hand.

The scene cuts to an improved version of the Mako making its way across a dirt-ridden path to yet another scene after another leaving one in awe as the soldier, along with what could be their companions, enters a battle with enemies that have yet to be revealed.

A blog post made by BioWare confirms that the main character will be human (you can choose between male or female), but that the one seen in the trailer is not the protagonist. Who they are, we do not know. But BioWare makes it clear to us that this soldier might play a role in our player’s story.

Expect the game to drop in time for the holidays of 2016 for the systems Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Another game to look forward to is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. At Square Enix’s conference we were given a deeper look into the story. The game takes place two years after Human Revolution where Adam Jensen makes his way onto our screens once again but this time around, things have changed. Adam, along with other Augmented Humans, are the persona non grata, cast away into the slums and are viewed as terrorists.

However, Adam Jensen seems to be leading a double life. On one hand he is a part of a task force set on bringing an end to terrorist attacks across the world. On the other, he works as a double agent investigating a group called the Illuminati which he believes is using Agumented Humans as terrorists for their personal gain.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an Action RPG that is sure to blow our minds away and is one we surely can’t wait for.

The game is to be released in early 2016 and will be available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

[title type=”h2″]Day 1[/title]
For all you Telltale fans out there, the company announced at E3 this morning (6/15/2015) a three part mini-series starring Michonne from The Walking Dead! The game will take place between comic issues #126 and #139 where it will focus on what her time was like away from Rick Grimes and the other survivors. It is required by players to have at least played the first episode of season 2 so keep that in mind.


The game will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and will be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

It’s good to see someone like our girl Michonne getting a game of her own and we hope to see more than just a mini-series in the long run.


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