writer: Gerry Duggan / artist: David Baldeon / Marvel Comics

Sam Alexander ’bout to be nominated for MVP of the Black Vortex miniseries. If you were reading back in Guardians of the Galaxy #25 it was do or die time for the young black ops Nova. He survived a planet exploding while capturing the Black Vortex that ayebody in the universe is looking for. A huge amount of time is spent on Sam contemplating if he should or shouldn’t use the Black Vortex upon himself. When Nova discovers that he can’t reach any of the squad, the young teen decides hide it back in his room on Earth. My man trying to stash that shit like it was adult magazines.


Baldeon’s art is pretty great visually as we see him portraying a bunch of surprise characters that stop by seeking out the treasure from the past. His portrayal of Sam has him looking as though he’s in his early teens (12-13) as opposed the older depiction we sometimes get of Sam. This has been a toggling issue that’s been dependent upon the artist at hand (not even a gripe at this point, just an observation).

It’s been good seeing Sam tangled up in this miniseries and back in action since his helmet got fixed by Doc Green. The young Nova’s series will be ending after Secret Wars, but there are still plans for him as we have seen recently. It’s going to be fun to see how this series closes out this chapter in Sam’s life.

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