Writer: Gerry Duggan / Artist: David Baldeon / Marvel

The great thing about Sam Alexander is that he is honorable, ambitious and does the right thing, no matter the cost. Sam has been going through some rough shit this year having lost his first friend he made as a hero in Uatu (The Watcher) and now after having discovered the remaining helmet of Richard Rider he takes it upon himself to deliver the bad news to the family of the greatest Nova to step into the game.


It’s things like this that make Sam Alexander one of the young heroes to look out for further down the line in the hero career. Duggan got the young space MVP out on spring break and taking the summer off to look for his father. Sam’s approach needs a bit more work in subtlety as the means in which he finds his dad bare fruit however they also make shit a hell of a lot harder for said dad (Sam puts a bounty on his father in order to get his location). A lot of other heroes in space like Beta Ray Bill, Rocket, and Captain Marvel here about this and give the face palm treatment to themselves as well. You know the cameos are going to be big in the next issue.

Baldeon art made this a pleasant read as well. We see Duggan stirring up some trouble for our guy Sam mostly within this issue so you know the pay out is going to be pretty heavy.


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