Writer:Gerry Duggan / Artist:David Baldeon / Marvel

Sam Alexander is going to be a Nova that works on a “high risk / hopefully an even higher reward” type of system. We see that he alerted bounty hunters to track down his father (wanted alive of course) in hopes of getting a lead on him. It worked but not without a couple of face palms. Victory is short lived as Sam must choose doing the right thing which of course causes tears him apart from what he wants as that is the duty of the hero. We are seeing Sam have to choose the greater good over his own satisfaction to be reunited with his father more and more.


Duggan has Sam’s experience points on fleek this issue as the crisis that draws him away causes him to have to put some strategy into play in order to prevent any loss of life. Baldeon does a great job displaying Sam in action as well as his hitting 90 light years per hour across space as he rushes toward the crisis. Whenever it comes to galaxy travel in this book, Baldeon is able to really make it seem like Sam is a small cog in an extravagant vast machine known as space. The planets and starts look beautiful and never mundane.

The situation is growing dire as Nova has pissed off more of the wrong people. We’re going to be seeing more of their retaliation in the upcoming issues. Hopefully Sam’s experience thus far can prepare him for what’s waiting ahead for him.


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