Spider-Man and The X-men #6 Review


It’s all come to the end game now. We know that Ernst is the mole for none other than Mr. Sinister. You know it’s real shit when Mr. Sinister is up in this muh fucka. The issue mostly deals with the students putting all they learned into play once it is realized that Professor Spider-Man is more than likely being held captive due to his extreme tardiness.


Kalan has an amazing talent with humor in this series. Although Mr. Sinister is a no nonsense character with 0 humor to his name, it was funny to see him play Spider-Man’s game. The students are the real MVP’s this issue. From Ernst’s reasons behind being a mole to how the students handle Mr. Sinister and the recounting of that story to the faculty. We see the students comes together as a class, a class that sees themselves as a unity or a division of the X-Men (so to speak). We also see Storm take up Parker’s approach in an effort to relate to him. This is the final issue of the series which is sad because I’d have love to seen Spider-Man continuing this ethics class with a new group of students or taking on more students into this class.

Failla’s art was on point this issue. I love the depiction drawn of the characters mannerisms as well as how Shark Girl reverts to and from her human form. I think this book doesn’t have to end here but sadly that is the case. The final scene is probably my favorite thing. We see Spider-Man given so much respect as a mutant ally that he gets to do something I doubt any other non-mutant has ever been allowed to do.

The creative team really out did themselves on this issue. It has been a weird, wacky ride to this point but the character development along the way? Man you can’t hate on that at all. This book was a great approach to the serious dangerous of mutants as well as helping Spider-Man grow up with more responsability (and we all know how he feels about that).


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