NYCC 2019: HBO Got us Watching The Watchmen’s Throne

Long live the idols, may they never be your rivals
Stan Lee was like Jesus, Alan Moore wrote the Bible”


If you don’t know about Watchmen lemme learn you real fast. Back in 1986, Alan Moore’s Watchmen was (and still is) the equivalent to Drake’s album, “Nothing Was the Same” but for comics. There, now you’re up to speed. Watchmen legit changed the game for how superhero stories were told. A signpost at the start of the Modern Age of Comics (1986 to now), the implications of Watchmen rang out and still bang out to this day.

There was the Watchmen movie back in 2009. Now in 2019, DC Comics’ universe is clashing with characters from the Watchmen universe. In case that wasn’t enough, HBO has come through with a Watchmen television series. Like I said before, Watchmen was so ill that 30+ years later, it’s still making hits. We don’t know much about where Watchmen is going as a show yet but we’ve gotten some hints so far.

“Robert Redford has been president for 28 years. Cell phones and the internet are outlawed. Fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Costumed heroes were popular, then banned. Police wear masks to protect their identities and cannot use their guns without a dispatcher unlocking them first. Reparations were issued for racial injustice, and our country remains ever divided.”- Damon Lindelof (writer-producer)

Who watches the Watchmen but make it HBO


What I like about this is that it isn’t a reboot but a continuation of the story. It makes sense to have us see what’s happened to the world post-Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias’ big idea to have a giant kaiju show up, wipe out millions, and force the world to come together to take care of it. I really wanna know what plan B and C were that made him say, “Nah. I gotta go bigger.” Worldbuilding is never an easy task but the smart thing that’s being done here is moreso worldbuilding outside the world that’s already been established. Universe building in a sense (if that makes sense). Watchmen is moving away from taking place in the fictional cities that resemble New York and happening way out in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We are seeing what people across the country are having to deal with in their own communities. Enter Regina “I rule everything I act in” King’s character Detective Angela Abar who dons a mask and calls herself Sister Night. She’s investigating terrorist attacks upon police and their families by a white supremacist group that wears masks similar to Rorschach. Yeap, Rorschach was out here fighting for the greater good with his violence just to have a bunch of white supremacists use him as their mascot.

You hate to see it.


New York Comic-Con 2019/NYCC cc’d the Watchmen

As big as Watchmen is, it’s only right that they’re having not only a panel but a screening as well for New York Comic-Con this year. Now, mind you, the show doesn’t air on HBO till October 20th, 2019 but this is New York Comic-Con baby (If you know you know). They will be screening the first episode on Oct 4th, 2019 at the Javitz Center Main Stage. Then we’ll see the stars, producers, and writers of the show on a panel afterward.


You see that cast? Yeah, I want to be there for that. I got hella questions and I would like to see how each of these character’s point of view plays out in this continuous world-building. I’m hoping someone slips and says something that will give us more information on future episodes, where the series is headed, and exactly who is watching the watchmen this time around.

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