Road to New York Comic-Con: Who Got The Props?

Props and Replicas Are Life

Symbols are things that signify or represent an idea. If you attend Comic Cons, then you are a firm believer in symbolism. I own a replica of T’Challa’s panther tooth necklace and I feel kingly as all hell rocking it. There is a set of steel Wakandan Kimoyo beads that sit prominently on my side table. I wear a different colored Lantern ring on the emotional spectrum based on how I feel any given day. My closet has way too many meticulously chosen nerd-flavored tees that I used to express my mental state while out in the world. I legitimately utilize items from sci-fi, fantasy, and comics to get through the day and tell people who I am.

So… Can you imagine how hyped I am to get a behind the scenes look at the goods at The Prop Store?!?! Not just replicas. Nah. Straight up pieces of production used on film! I’ma be at New York Comic Con with Battling Jack Murdock’s red and yellow fight night outfit! As a native New Yorker, I am honored to be the same distance above sea level with Daredevil’s dad’s boxing paraphernalia. That gritty NYC determination that the 80s/90s Hell’s Kitchen had before it became Hell’s Breakfast Nook. That’s the magic of these symbols, they personify a type of idea.

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Can you see in your mind’s eye holding young Matt Murdock’s crucifix? The literal personification of Daredevil’s moral compass. The all-black first costume!? When your man Matt was doing flip kicks in the rain looking like Marques Houston in You Got Served. It was a thing a beauty and I’ma be right there with the costume, reliving it all.

Don’t be shocked if you see me in the 2700 block slipping through crowds with a set of Nobu’s kunai and Luke Cage’s bullet-riddled hoodie on trying to slip Wilson Fisk’s ankle monitor off while carrying a set of Judas bullets. Or more realistically, clumsily stumbling out of a photo booth with the OG 1984 Ghostbusters proton pack on my back, Duncan Macleod’s Highlander (TV) katana, the Witch-King’s crown on and the Indiana Jones statue of Ra catching fluorescent light beams and directing me to a place to sit down and charge my phone. Just keeping it real.

Just for context, the folks at are no joke. You can find the holy grail (like the one from The Last Crusade) of cool things from movie sets. John Wick’s blood oath medallion? They’ve got it. Agent Smith’s Desert Eagle? That too. Ash’s arm chainsaw from Evil Dead? Aguilar’s hidden blades from Assassin’s Creed? The “Here we go.” Joker rocket launcher from The Dark Knight? The list. Goes. On. This place stockpiles the relics of your memories and sells them to the highest bidder. They’ve got the goods.

Prop Store will be blessing the New York Comic Con with a live auction of Marvel Television props (some of which I may have mentioned above) and rocking a booth in the 1300 block at #1354 with some of the dopest and esoteric props there for purchase. I’ll be there, fanboying myself into a nerdy coma, come Stan with me fam.

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