Writer: Kevin Grevioux / Artist: Ryan Benjamin /DC Comics

We back on that hero’s journey and things are as bad as they ever been. The Amazons are tired weary cold fatigued and about to throw hands with trolls from Norse mythology. Hessia and her squad scrap it out, but with the tide in the enemy’s favor, it is the timely intervention of some Vikings that save these ambassadors from a dirt nap.

Hessia and her womans and dem rest up at the Vikings’ town and learn a bit of one another’s lore that is a bit hard to translate, but once that enemy intel comes up they both start speaking the same language. That language is murda music in the key of F sharp by the way. We get a brief huddle about the next steps for the amazons that gives way to more infighting as well as muhfuckas learning what it truly means to be an Amazon.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 3.58.58 PM

The Vikings and Amazons working together opens up discussions of patriarchy, gender roles, as well as a bit of rape culture sprinkled in there for good measure. I find it a bit odd that all the Vikings consider a woman’s place to be at home when the Valkyrie of Norse mythology are feared women warriors. I’d think these men would have confused the Amazons for different types of Valkyries for a second, but that’s just my own line of thought.

We get wind of the captured Amazons. With them being captured behind enemy lines as well as bound by magic, you’re really hoping for the best of a villainous scheme that you know has no best case scenario. I don’t think it’s a bit of a surprise to say that their capture is part of a plan to breed a new wave of fierce warriors. The character behind this scheme comes at a real surprise, but with this shit being the master plot you can really appreciate Hessia’s resolve of leaving no one behind.

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This issue moved pretty quickly as we are introduced to more Norse characters and lore at a pretty fast pace. I could tell with these new portions of Norse lore popping up that this was a limited series. As a reader, I definitely wanted the big fight that occurs to be a little more drawn out to show just how much of a force the Amazons can be.

8.3 Broken Glass Ceilings out of 10

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