Old Man Logan #3 Review

Writer: Brian M. Bendis/ Artist: Andrea Sorrentino/ Marvel

I have to admit something: this issue didn’t do it for me. Now, I didn’t read the original Old Man Logan (2008-2009), and we all know that Wolverine is like my 3rd least favorite X-man. So I come to this comic with just straight honesty, no loyalty or nostalgia. The story has to entertain. The pictures have to go with the story and possibly be amazing. I like to be surprised. So far, only 2 of these 3 things has happened. Let’s talk about this.

The visuals are, in fact, amazing.


I mean, this spread works on like 3 levels, it tells a story without having to read any of the dialog, and it also supports the dialog that is there. This is page TWO. The whole rest of the book is like this, from single panels to 2 page spreads, the art is cohesive, evocative, and motion filled.

The story is surprising. As Logan is jerked from one domain to another, pursued by Thors and old enemies who don’t actually remember him, every page turn is a surprise.


Technopolis!?! How many of these domains does Doom have, and did he just make them up based on a 13-year-old’s fantasy notebook? Bendis does have Tony Stark and Rhodey do a great cameo here, keeping their differing attitudes really clear as they make contact with the train wreck that is Logan.

And that’s where my dissatisfaction with the comic lies. Logan is being ripped from domain to domain and I’m having a hard time feeling any sort of arc develop. I know all roads end with Doom, Da GAwd, but shouldn’t something happen along the way? It feels disjointed and only slightly relevant — like I’m taking an Art Museum field trip for school and instead of walking through the galleries, I just crash through the walls randomly. I see plenty of pretty stuff on the way, but it doesn’t make a lot of linear sense. I have faith in this artistic team, and in Logan’s history to entertain, so I’m on for the whole run. I just wish it would come together sooner rather than later.

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