Old Man Logan #34 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson / Artist: Ibraim Roberson / Marvel Comics

I remember 15 years ago I had the pleasure of watching Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, an incredibly choreographed martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa. I left the theatre thinking, “That was amazing to look at but story-wise, they just threw a bunch of conveniently diverse obstacles in the character’s way in different locales”. That’s kind of like Old Man Logan right now.

This week Marvel brings us Old Man Logan #34 written by Ed Brisson with a new artist onboard, Ibraim Roberson, filling in for Mike Deodato Jr. The Scarlet Samurai storyline followed Wolverine fighting the Scarlet Samurai and Hand ninjas to get a new drug off the streets of Japan. This issue starts “Moon Over Madripoor” where Wolverine and the Scarlet Samurai team up to fight Hand ninjas to get a new drug off the streets of Madripoor.

I didn’t think it was possible but I grow weary of Wolverine slicing and dicing ninjas in a basic story. Don’t get me wrong—Roberson does some impressive work in this book, including a beautiful page of Gorgon turning someone to stone and destroying the petrified victim. However, the stunning visuals are simply not enough to distract me from the comic book equivalent of Tony Jaa beating up an English street fighter in a bar followed by him beating up a Brazilian capoeirista in a temple.

                                            Pay no attention to my dialogue. Behold the beautiful explosion.

That being said, there is a moment I need to give the creative team props for because it caught my eye and inspired a fair amount of imagination. They go out of their way to let you know what kind of beer old Wolverine likes to drink. Spoiler alert—it’s Canadian. I refuse to believe that a Madripoor hotel in Southeast Asia routinely stocks (and this is the labeled name) “Canadian Beer”. That means that in the midst of Logan’s crusade against this deadly drug, he had to look at the Scarlet Samurai and say, “Mariko, we have to make one stop”. All things considered, this is a fun book to read if you are a fan of Wolverine fighting ninjas and good artwork (so pretty much all of you).

                              I don’t always drink in Madripoor hunting for drugs, but when I do, I choose Canadian.

8 out of 10 Canadian Beers

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