Old Man Logan #35 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson / Artist: Ibraim Roberson / Marvel Comics

Old Man Logan #35 is the final installation of the two-part “Moon Over Madripoor” story. A more accurate description, though, would be the final installation of the four-part “Scarlet Samurai” story. Logan and Mariko (The Scarlet Samurai) end their crusade against the deadly miracle drug, “Regenix”. After reading the last three issues of the comic you’d be hard-pressed not to foresee how the finale plays out. You got it, A NINJA/ SAMURAI FIGHT! The artist, Ibraim Roberson, has continued this book’s impressive art. Especially during the big fight, there are some mid-fight close-ups with meticulous detail. I’m rough on the predictability and basicness of this story but the action scenes have consistently hovered from impressive to damn impressive.

Ninja Fight Aftermath

The second half of the book wraps the story up in a clean, if not cliché fashion reminiscent of “The Wolverine” story (so nothing special). Brisson undoubtedly has talent, as was made clear by the Hulk-filled story preceding this one. His skills are lost on the garden variety dialogue this story was destined to have. Gorgon throws out a solid insult that made me chuckle, though. I’ll also give Brisson credit for ending the story decisively because the next book promises a heavy change in environment and struggle. Old Man Logan is going to a New York City led by the most unlikeliest of mayors. No, it’s not D-Man; so maybe the second-most unlikeliest of mayors. I’m looking forward to an adventure with more complex plot points and stinging dialogue.

Onto the Next Adventure

7 Honorless Welps out of 10

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