Dear Rosita,

On last week episode, you said some dumb shit that’s been bothering me ever since. I don’t want to misquote you, so…


So you mad, huh? I get it: it’s the zombie apocalypse, everyone is dying, shit ain’t getting better, you shot a man at point-blank range and missed… it’s been a rough few years.

But, that said, why, exactly, are you angry at Sasha? I’m really struggling to understand this. Here are the facts:
1) You were with Abraham, romantically (presumably) and sexually
2) You and Abraham met the Grimes Gang
3) Abraham left you in a really mean way (by telling you he was with you at first because he thought you were the only woman left alive and now, when he knew you weren’t, he wanted something/someone else.)

Let’s be clear: Abraham was not a good dude. He tried, but his family literally ran out of a grocery store into the open arms of walkers rather than stay with him a moment longer. It might have been seeing him bludgeon a man to death or–and I think this is it–they were just tired of what I’m sure was a continuing pattern of fuckery.

I know that you adore him:

And I get it, I’ve adored some horrible people, too. What I don’t get is how Sasha is to blame for his general bad-person-ness. Refer back to the list above if you need to; I’ll wait.

As far as viewers know, Abraham and Sasha were not together in any way while you two were together. Sasha didn’t break any promises to you. We can make the argument that he fell for her while you two were together. Let’s push it farther: he left you for her.

I know that sentence diagraming is a lost art so let’s review the facts again.

He (subject) left (predicate) you (direct object).

I see nary a Sasha in that sentence.

Even if we put her in there, it’s as an indirect object. She didn’t do anything to you, he did.

He was with you as a matter of convenience. He chose to tell you that in the least tactful, most hurtful way possible. He knew that his feelings for you were changing and fading and he, a grown ass man, chose not to talk to you.

Sasha let someone love her and, based on the season opener pre-death hand signals, loved them back. Sasha has lost everybody and everything. She’s allowed to accept love into her life even if her taste in men is as bad as yours.

Was Spenser a virgin when you started using him as a bed warmer? No, don’t answer that because a person’s sexual and romantic history isn’t particularly relevant to your relationship to them unless it includes a threat to your safety in any way. You are a grown as woman.

You’re the woman who forced Eugene to make a bullet and then you shot that bullet at Negan in front of his people. Do you remember that?

You’re the woman who leaned into the knife pressed against your face. More than that, though, you’re the woman who had this exchange with Sasha so recently that it hurts:


What was this about if not civility? Abraham is dead. Sasha is alive. Sasha is the one who will be fighting next to you when others, like Gregory, won’t. Sasha is the one who shares your distaste for the cowardly.

And you still mad because she loved the same dead dude that used to love you? It’s about time for you to put on your big girl underwear and keep it moving. Before someone dies.

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