writer: Jason Aaron; art: Mike Deodato

Well, the big crossover event that is Original Sin has gotten interesting in its third issue. That’s not necessarily an endorsement of its quality, but more to say that explosions and the birth of children into royal families that don’t really hold power, are interesting. I still believe this issue suffers from the same problem of not knowing what it really wants to be, especially where humor is concerned. The intent may be to laugh at “The Orb’s” jokes and quirks, but I think we’re actually laughing at him and the absurdity of his existence. It’s tough to say that something comes off too cartoonish in a comic book, but…he comes off too cartoonish. That in itself isn’t really an issue, but its easy forget that we should be taking the murder and the excavating of the Watcher’s eyes, seriously.

As I said, this issue isn’t without it’s strengths. The lingering storm that the secrets the Watcher’s eye stirred up, has planted seeds for some potential confrontations, even if that in itself isn’t completely original. As I stated in the last review, I find the side team-ups more interesting that the main plot and it was nice to see one of those side missions interact with the main plot, even if I wasn’t wild about where it went.

Original Sin isn’t a boring book, but it still struggles with exactly what kind of book it wants to be and ultimately how big of a footprint it wants to leave on the rest of the Marvel Universe. We still have five more issues left not counting any crossovers, so its possible that Aaron and company put it completely on the rails before we reach the end.


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