6 Reasons to Read Faith Erin Hicks’ “Friends With Boys”


1.) Faith Erin Hicks: female comic artist and writer. She’s better known for her webcomic skills and was the artist for the “The Last of Us: American Dream”, which was the prequel mini series based on the video game The Last of Us. She has a few graphic novels under her belt and a unique style as an artist when it comes to creating characters. “Friends With Boys” was my introduction to her body of  work and it, certainly won’t be the last.



2.) It’s a First Second Book!


Seriously, if you haven’t heard of First Second–it’s a beautiful day, my friend, for I will bestow upon you superb knowledge—GO CHECK THEM OUT NOW. RIGHT NOW. First Second ( www.firstsecondbooks.com ) is a legit company that prides itself on providing “Great Graphic Novels For Every Reader”. There’s something for everyone and kudos to them for their girl-centric/female protagonist lead books. One of my favorte books from them is Tony Cliff’s “Delilah Dirk & The Turkish Lieutenant” which I did reread just to post an in-depth review for this site: ( https://blacknerdproblems.com/?p=2151 )





If there is anything that I have learned reading comics my whole life is that the power an artist can wield with injecting drama and action in panels. The power to curve the story in such a way that it grabs your attention or reveal scenes that just break your heart. Hicks, who got her start with web comics and then transitioned to print is a master at this and does so with ease.




4.) The Ghost and the role she plays in helping bring people together:


You may be asking….”There’s a GHOST in this book?!” YES. Yes, it is. The title of this book may be “Friends With Boys” but there is a ghost hanging around town who our protagonist Maggie sees. Not a spoiler, but this ghost plays a central role in uniting characters together to help right a wrong and hopefully help someone with unfinished business. There’s nothing like a touch of the supernatural to bring people together. 


5.) Did I mention that there’s a play about ZOMBIES?


I promise you I didn’t spoil the play for you but this is one of the best panels in the book. Period. Daniel, one of Maggie”s older brothers is a theater geek and he’s the  one of the star actors (he’s the human above, the kid with the black hair) and…it’s just comedic gold.






(It’s a “Community” reference, if you were wondering.)

What’s “Community”, you ask? You’re REALLY tugging on my heart strings, here.



 If my review of this graphic novel has made you curious in any shape, form or fashion feel free to go visit  www.friendswithboys.com/and read the first twenty pages for free! 




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  • MostStrange

    I had a great time with it. I often wake up wishing I was Faith Erin Hicks. I really liked Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, which she did with Prudence Shen. Another great high school story about setting past differences.

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