Origins #4 Review

Writer: Clay McLeod Chapman / Artist: Jakub Rebelka / Boom! Studios

As far as perilous journeys across unforgiving terrain goes, Origins has managed to match pace of its protagonists David and Chloe, in the sense that a lot of progress has been made and that there is still a ways to go. After discovering a city of robots in the last issue, the duo managed to get that city razed in short order due to the Network’s relentless pursuit of David and the situation continues to look dire.

Origins #4 continues to be an enthralling book visually. Rebelka’s artwork continues to be absolutely incredible and the designs of the robot citizens and the creative amount of carnage and devastation that happens in both the present and the past is equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying. And big props to Delpeche for the brilliant colors that help set the tone for each vignette.

From a narrative perspective, I find myself warming up to David more and more. The formerly megalomaniac mad scientist trope is not my personal favorite, but David’s willingness to accept the mistakes of his prior self and learn from his present circumstances is at least starting to endear him to me. Chloe’s guidance in the present and caretaking in the past continues to be a much more compelling latch point for me, although right now my biggest attachment to the series is the tribe of robots that have joined the cast.

Chapman’s world building has been a bit slow going up until this point, but slowly and surely has he treated us to more and more of his own unique vision of the future. More and more, we see the specifics of the Network and why Chloe is so committed to doing what she’s doing. By the end of the issue, we get a clearer glimpse into the farther-reaching intentions of Chapman’s story, and I’m no longer cautiously optimistic. I’m just optimistic (even if in-universe, there’s a lot that has gone wrong).

It took a couple of issues, but now that the foundation is there and another checkpoint has been reached, I’m loving the visual aesthetic and becoming very fond of the cast.

8.3 “Robot Companions” out of 10

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