Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #3 Review

Writer: Kate Leth / Artist: Brittney Williams / Marvel Comics

Patsy continues to be a great comic for Marvel. It’s easily accessible and watching them rebuild Patsy Walker’s identity and supportive cast is a thing of beauty. Patsy is straight struggling with the job market more than with villains, and that’s is a huge part of what makes this book different in its appeal.

patsy 1

And you never know what to expect when reading Patsy — you think you are going to go in one direction and it was a pump fake. We see Patsy meeting her uber abrasive landlord and his attractive son, but when the swooning takes hold we find out there’s a little more to this father-son pair. Kate Leth serves up some real issues dealing with living in New York City.

It’s a bit ludicrous, but the reveal of bed bugs as the bridge to our main villain was genius. Leth highlights the bed bug issue in New York City, then things get mystical and it’s hilarious when Patsy has to deal with the source of these magical insects.

patsy 2

Brittney Williams captures Patsy’s squeamish disgust perfectly. The art continues to put Patsy in two very different auras when she is drawn in her civilians as opposed to her being in her superhero attire. Williams has given Patsy a great look and superb detail on personality as well. I feel like any issue for Patsy is a good jumping on point and makes you want to re-read what happened previously.

9.1 Cans of Raid out of 10

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