Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #2 Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg / Artist: Carlos Pacheco / Marvel Comics

Some People Just Wants to Watch the World Burn

Phoenix Resurrection is the reason why I don’t be trusting those old men at these diners. Especially the ones that casually bleed from their noses. Usually this happens in an Anime when a “male” character notices the pantaloons of a “female” character. “Oh Jean-san” Unfortunately this man, is casually talking with Jean at the diner in the middle of the day with a nose bleed. Bending spoons and ordering coffee as if he paid for the damn silverware. The character’s identity is later revealed and brings out the “Oh S**t” factor of this issue. This issue of Phoenix Resurrection teaches people that watching the world burn is way fancier while ordering a cup of coffee.

Getting Old Man Logan’s Panties in a Bunch

What is funnier? Old Man Logan who keeps saying “It’s not Jean”, or the fact that Jean is constantly thinking about Scott. Oh yes here comes the love triangle once more. Maybe he genuinely believes that this random fire bird is not a sign of his slight obsession bursting into flames (sorry not sorry). During the X-Men’s search, loss plays a part in their confusion. How many times has one lost something or someone so many times it no longer makes sense when the signs point to their return? Trying to count out the possibility that their old teammate returned is as likely to be a result of trauma. It’s painful to sympathize, because empathy shows that they have lost too many times to trust the evidence before them.


How the writers will use the X-Men’s lack of psychics to get in touch with their old teammate? There is this energy concerning loss that circulates among the group. This consistent push and pull that the X-Men goes through is a metaphor throughout each series. Rosenberg uses death as a tactical approach to nostalgia. How can one create a eulogy for someone they consistently resurrect? This series is going to be the hardest to put down, but the saddest to pick up. I just can’t stop saying, they are about to lose their friend, again.

8.2 BBQs out of 10


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