Power Recap: ‘The Devil Inside’

Power Season 5/Episode 7, The Devil Inside

Season 5 / Episode 7, The Devil Inside /Starz

Just when it looked like “The Kendrick Episode” would easily be Power’s best this season, we’re blessed with straight flames. I’m talkin wildfire all up in your Sept of Baelor fire. We get quotables for days, and I’m here to document each and every one of them! Let’s get right into this joint.

Getting Dirty

Power showrunner Courtney Kemp must’ve realized that the notoriously steamy show was lacking in the flesh department. As of late, it didn’t take too many cups of wine for Jamie and Angie to throw that whole “change” thing out the window and rip their clothes off. As Angela put it so perfectly, “The cleaner you get, the dirtier I become.” BARZ!!

At the same time, Tasha uses the protective mother card and sultry looks to convince Silver to lie on the stand for him. He could lose his license for her, but once he gives in, she gives him what he’s always looking for. They did an excellent job splicing the two NSFW scenes together in glorious fashion.

Mak and Saxe pull up on Teresi at his crib to press the rat right in front of his wife, Connie. They’re trying to get dirty intel on Angela after Tamieka ‘Maxine Waters Swag’ Robinson tells the Legion of Haters to start going hard on this case. They have her for tampering with the evidence of the gun log, and need to connect her to Tommy’s criminal organization. Teresi tells them, “he never mentioned a lawyer broad” and they bounce. Even his wife know he’s a snake-ass mufucka for trying to snitch on his son. She doesn’t want him to rat on the only fam he’ll have left once the cancer takes its toll on her.

Moving up the Timeline

Ghost and Dre are on the phone continuing their ‘kill-for-a-kill’ plot, as the 3-Headed Queens Dragon go to see Jason and pay him the 3 mil they owe. He still wants Diego Jimenez dead, and pushes up the timeline to deliver the fade. He wants his ports and wants them asap. Ghost mad Tommy didn’t tell him about Jimenez getting arrested but Tommy hit him with the cold clapback. Homie said Jason is his boss and this is his organization, so they doin’ shit his way. Ghost immediately goes behind Tommy’s back, telling Kanan to take Diego out himself.

Proctor shows up to see Tweedle Dumb Fuck (aka Cooper Saxe), who says he can make two calls to get Proctor’s license back. In trade, he must give up some info on someone. Joe Proctor’s clients are off-limits, but Angela Valdez isn’t one of his…so she might be a different story.

James has a rocky first half of this episode, but ends off in a great spot. He starts off with the conversation no man wants to have as he comes at Tasha about Silver. Trying to smooth things over, he says “It didn’t happen until he got you off” but gets eaten alive when Ghost said, “THEN HE GOT YOU OFF.”

To cool off, he pulls up on Councilman Tate to question his decision to run for governor. Tate wants to know how he got the info, but when he doesn’t get answers he lets James go from the Queens Child Project. He’s going to return all of James’ money as soon as he announces his candidacy, and the timer is set!

Angela knows she’s close to being discovered by Haters in the 1st Degree. She decides to get some info, and make some counter moves. Angela ain’t never been a pawn and has had her eyes set on becoming Queen. She goes to see SAC Jerry Donovan and asks what’s really good with Blanca Rodriguez. He tells her that no matter what happens, he ain’t taking the fall for her, and hedoesn’t owe her a damn thing after making him confiscate Blanca’s investigation findings.

After striking out with Donovan, Angela draws a walk when her and Steve ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ Tampio have lunch. He offers her a job in D.C. but she can’t answer his question, ‘cuz she’s gotta meet Tommy. Little did I know how important her incoming text from Tommy would be — her non-answer helps her hit a much-needed home run later. In the moment, she walks into her apartment and is startled by Tommy. He’s chillin’ on the couch in her crib, talmbout “These organic chips are delicious!”.

The Smell of Blood and Money

Tommy and his new crime crew are seen power-drilling a mufucka to death like Bob the Builder after the poor bastard tried to short them on their payment. It was some gruesome shit, and Tommy loved every second of it. Teresi immediately notices his thirst for evil, murderous-ass shit like that and gets him to admit to hella homicides. He out here bragging about running over that Spanish dude in the Bronx twice, using a nail gun to poke up that one cat before popping him in the head, wrapping someone up in bubble wrap before tossing him off a building for shits and giggles, along with plenty more incriminating-ass info. Teresi is so pleased with himself, he invites Tommy over for dinner, resulting in the most undeserved “Thank you, Dad.” I ever heard.

At dinner, Tommy and Tony as ask Connie if she can think of a way to clean Tommy’s money. She advises starting a private ambulance business. No lie, it’s a pretty great idea, considering the perks that come with that authority. Next thing you know, Tommy’s mom comes banging on Teresi’s door. It’s hella family drama as they drag her out the door screaming. Tommy runs to his confidant, Keisha, who’s looking like the whole snack isle! He tells her the good news, then invites her to have dinner with Teresi and mom-in-law. At first she looked mad as hell he mentioned her name to his rents, then was all the way down once she realized how serious he was. They get down to business and talk over breakfast cereal in the morning. Is this really happening?!

James pulls up on Silver in the Parking Lot and he’s shitting the hardest of bricks! Ghost tells him he knows about the affair. Silver stands his ground as Ghost tells him he better corroborate Tasha’s story, or it’s a wrap for that ass. His play backfires as Terry gets the hell outta dodge. I’m talkin’ bout new security card and passport, clear out your whole apartment overnight and leave a note for your girl that simply says “sorry”. He’s in the wind.

Dre drops off his first big payment to Diego and they bond over the smell of money. Dre sets in motion his scheme to have Diego take the fall for the murk session, by throwing him a fake party filled with the baddest of women. Diego makes sure to put in that Drizzy Drake Rogers special request of having ensuring there are some BBWs for his man!! I almost lost it! Like WHAAATTT?!?!? Diego and his peeps is wild, man. Dre and Ghost exchange coordinates on each other’s marks tonight, then Dre absolutely SONS 2-Bit! Thing 1 out here questioning his boss’s decision so Dre reminds of his position and calls him FRANCIS to cap off his tirade. Hit him with the Babality.

Make Money Moves

Keisha out here giddy as a college girl at brunch on a Sunday after hooking up with the star QB. She tells Tasha about Tommy coming over and them getting hot and steamy, but all Tasha can focus on is the fact that Tommy is hanging with the father that’s supposed to be dead. Keisha like, “Helloooo, did you hear that I got me some of them white chocolate cheeks!?” Tasha knows this all sounds terrible.

James gets his win when he hires one of Tate’s young associates by doubling his salary and getting lucky. Homeboy got loose lips, and tells Ghost that Tate been skimming money off the QCP to pay the kid. That info must’ve been burning a whole in his pocket because he flexes on Tate immediately by playing the audio recording of the kid admitting to Tate’s crimes. Just like that, he’s in Ghost’s pocket; and will make the QCP his #1 priority when he wins his political race. Flawless Victory.

Teresi runs to Mak and Saxe. He snitches about James killing that guard in jail, then lies and pins the choke-out murder on him too! This mufucka either really grimy or decided to save Tommy and give up Mr. St. Patrick instead. He ready to testify if needed.

Tommy appears in Angela’s car (after telling him to stop breaking into her place) all to tell that funny-but-fucked up joke. She keeps it a buck by revealing she’s near rock bottom, almost tells him to kill John Mak. But she stops and decides to try one last thing. Remember that D.C. position Angela didn’t have time to decide on? She sits down with Mak and promises him the position — if he gives her the info she needs. He plays ball, but I can just feel that conniving ‘Angie From Da Block’ smile.

2-Bit big hurt, so he runs to his hood therapist and tells Kanan every-fucking-thing. Kanan does the same and they realize Dre and Ghost about to take out all the connects, which can’t happen if Kanan wants to take Tommy’s spot as Jason’s main distro. They’re gonna save Jason and kill Diego swiftly.

Diego and his boy walk up in the spot hype! Sidekick is really worried the girls aren’t going to be big enough for him. I die of laughter then get my shit together when I realize there’s no fluff to this slaughterhouse setup. No girls seducing them to make them think this is legit, just Diego and BBW specialist following signs right into a Kanan dual-wielding pistol party!

2-Bit puts Spanky onto the new moves being made as they keep watch for Kanan. Thing 1 tells Thing 2 that they taking over Tommy’s business, and they’ll be working with the Serbians soon. Spanky don’t give a shit. Whatever 2-Bit down with, he down with. Fuckin’ followers, man. Kanan goes all Westworld Akane on Diego. With Diego’s head on a silver plate, Kanan then goes straight to Jason; tells Jason he’s about to be killed, and to run. Kanan impresses even further when he mentions needing to take out Alicia if they want to secure the vital ports.


Dre’s face when he got up to that empty hotel room was hilarious. He looked genuinely befuddled at the vacancy, strapped up like a zombie apocalypse doomsday prepper.

Tariq continues to be the least likable character since Ramsay Bolton. The little shit calls Kanan to talk about the “long game”. Tariq gets his ass handed to him in chess then says he’s ready to be a hustler…just like Kanan.

Moral of the Day: Don’t be like Tariq.

Silver skipping town looks bad on our main three, so Tasha whips out her insurance piece — the piece that killed Ray Ray. What will they do with it? I know for damn sure Ghost aint gonna go down for it.

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