Power Recap: Second Chances

Season: 5 / Episode: 4, Second Chances / Starz Power

We got some big, grimey moves being made in this one. Mr. Stay Schemin, Kanan slowly slithers his way into Tommy’s new operation. Dre continues to defy all odds and climb up the criminal and corporate ladders.

We jump off with the 3 headed Queens Dragon planning their next moves and beefin about secrets. It’s supposed to be like old times, but it’s looking a lot more like recent drama filled times. Ghost mad at Tommy for not telling him Teresi (who blackmailed Ghost twice) was out of jail.

Angela, Tameika Robinson ‘Maxine Waters Swag’ and their henchman, aka Haters in the 1st degree are at the feds office planning their move on the Jiminez siblings. Its pretty standard stuff. They plan to flip Arturo, the weakest looking gangsta since Scrappy-Doo, and get to the Jimenez cartel through his snitching ways. But the more interesting thing to note was the mucfucking full box of donuts to each agent in the briefing room!! I almost died when I saw a full 8-12 donut box for Ayebody in attendance like chips and salsa at a Mexican joint.

Cartel Takedown

As soon as Angela finishing up the cartel take down plan, she turns into Angie From Da Block and completes her dirty cop side mission door. But tell me how she left the keys to the safe holding the Ray-Ray-To-Reina-connection evidence, right in the drawer 2 ft away! Detective Rodriguez just stewing in her office, waiting for the smallest thread of evidence to pounce on Angela ass!

Fact: Councilman Tate is a sly piece of shit. But he makes dam sure his bottom dollar is taken care of. Right after James St. Patrick bombs his speech at Truth, in front of all the right investors, Rashard goes to Dre with a proposition to be the new face of the Queens Child Project. Ghost had to work with the man who stole it all out from under him or take him out, like the old Ghost.

Alicia and Diego Jimenez got a jet fully gassed and ready to drop them off in Mexico, but not before they handle a few loose ends here in the states. Alicia starts off by wagging her finger at Diego and forcing him to compensate Dre for his “extracurricular” activities in the club, which has forced multiple girls to quit, costing them money. He hands him 60K and begrudgingly apologizes like an entitled child who throws temper tantrums in the supermarket when you don’t buy them candy.

He probably would’ve killed Dre for opening his big mouth, but Dre still a snake for going to Alicia with this info and not the man himself, despite Diego’s loose cannon ways. They tell him to teach Cristobal the business side of things at the club, so he can handle things while Dre worries about their International expansion. Dre’s not down but what the fuck is he gonna say, no? Cristobal like, “Son, you think I had a choice in the matter b?”

The Feds finish coercing Diego and Alicia’s location out of Arturo and pull up the the airstrip like mufuckin bats outta hell. The cartel distributors head out just as. Woulda thought Thanos was out there snapping people’s very existence into dust left and right the way they was moving. They hop out the whips 74 special agents deep!

These trained killas arrive on the scene with burners that got kill counts longer than a Rite Aid receipt. These government paid hit men got light pole barrels! Them choppers was stupid long. The got the night vision scopes in broad daylight for the fuck of it. They was ready to kill each and every cartel member of they so much as sneezed too hard.

Snakes in the Grass

Back at the station, Tameika and the Haters Ball All-Stars throwing high fives to each other like they just won a high school playoff game against their cross town rivals. Maxine Waters swag congratulates Angela on a job well done and gives her first crack at questioning them.

Thennnnnn D.C big wigs roll up and shut that shit downnnn like your big brother and his boys walking into the living room while you was whoopin ayebody ass in Mario Kart, snatching a controller then destroying you and your snot nose homies for all eyes to see!

It was only made worse by the fact that the man leading the bogard and Jimenez release was Angela’s new boo Steve ‘Mystery Agent’ Tampio who she thought was about to be her new piece of muscle pound cake. She mad as hell now.

Just as the Jimenez siblings waltz out of police custody and back into freedom, Tony Teresi has his first taste of real life. The gang throws him a proper welcome home party, catered with the finest of Italian foods and rat filled lies. It was like a live fantasy football draft. Vincent’s there! Sammy’s there! Everybody’s there! Even the skeptical Young bucks who out here thinking like Tommy last week, “There’s no way this life sentence having ass mufucka should be out of jail all willy nilly like this!” Vincent shuts down that rabble because you don’t talk recklessly about the OG like that. They got their eyes and ears to the streets tho..

Turtle Proctor and his daughter are having amazing little breakfast moment when his addict wife comes barging in claiming to be 30 days sober. Even the daughter knew that sober pin was some BS cuz lil shorty clapped back like, “I’ll add it to the others.” Mom dukes starts spewing hate at Proctor for his disbarment case, and claiming custody. He killed those delusions so swiftly and kicked her to the curb, but it must’ve been roll up on Proctor at his crib day, thanks to Assistant U.S. Attorney John Mak.

Him and the boys roll up to confiscate dam near everything in his apt and black light check the whole crib for any evidence that Homeland Security Agent, Bailey Markham died in his place. Knowing that Mak is the hot shot pitbull of the crew who laid down this gauntlet, Proctor goes full Turtle and runs up on Saxe and Mak in them streets, threatening his own harassment suit if he don’t kick rocks. Little does Proctor know, this is but the first move in a long game of chess to bring down Tommy or Ghost.

Same Old Tricks

Mak ain’t the only one who wants Tommy and Ghost removed from the playing field. Mr. Stay Schemin, Kanan uses some hood rat “niggas who wanna get rich” to set up Tommy was the volatile, dangerous ass mufucka he is. Kanan gives Tweedledee and Tweedledum blanks to scare Tommy’s new Italian crew, but these idiots decide that they too gangsta for that soft blanks shit and strap up for real. They roll up on Tommy and the bosses of the family and pop a couple shots, hitting Vincent before Kanan zips in like mufuckin’ Knight Rider and delivers fades like a traveling barber. Tommy runs off to make sure Tony Teresi ain’t get murked out and Kanan chats it up with the #1 stunna, Vincent, filling his head with lies about those guys being hit men sent to kill Tommy cuz he ain’t squash that beef that Sammy promised was settled. Kanan slowly but surely weaseling his way in.

Tasha busy getting her groove back, going to see Terry about her next move in this marital game of cat and mouse. Ghost’s putting the blame on Tasha for being too grief stricken to leave the apt and give her speech, forcing him to massacre his and look like Will trapped in the Upside Down in front of everyone.

Ghost begins to spiral, downing a bottle of whiskey with the alcoholic expertise of Amy Adams in her new show, Sharp Objects. Tasha finds comfort in her new boo Terry Silver and his charming ways, giving her the confidence of an Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale. Ghost comes home to a wife packing all her shit because she’s fed the fuck up and wants out of this marriage. Dark days for the St. Patrick family.

We finish off with Ghost receiving an mysterious call. He winds up at that sketchy diner bar, waiting for someone, but boy I wasn’t ready for the realness! Out slides Angela who clearly decided to return Jamie’s call. The waitress comes over and asks the quintessential question of their lives, “Do you guys know what you want”?

Power Moves:

Interesting little conversation between beef cake and Alicia. Just goes to show you how corrupt our government is and how far they’ll go to maintain “order” at the border and beyond.

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