Power Recap: There’s a Snitch Among Us

Season 5 / Episode 9, There’s a Snitch Among Us / Starz

Ain’t No One Happy

We pop off Episode 9 with the news running the Kanan death and police slaughter story. Whoa. Tommy, Ghost, and Tasha are at the supremely suspect “secure” penthouse and ayebody arguing, everybody got beef. Ghost the most mad that Tasha used Tariq to take down Kanan. Tariq pops up like, “Yeah, umm, I’m a man. I did that shit”. Ghost tells the young buck to have 10 seats. When Tariq asks to be taught about the game, pops flips out and Tariq basically tells him, “THIS IS ME”.

After getting bodied on the officer Raymond Jones case, Haters in the 1st Degree tell Detective Rodriguez to kick rocks and let go of her Angela-focused pitbull-like grip. Tamieka ‘Maxine Waters Swag’ tells her team the same when she drops bars and says that Angela is either guilty and too smart to get caught or innocent and gonna bring them down for trying to catch her.

Back at Angie’s crib, Ghost is still venting about Angela going behind his back and working with Tasha to frame Kanan. She tells him Dre was the wrong guy to choose to frame. Then she licks her lips and kicks up the heat real quick, reminding him this is where they wanted to be, they can start over now.

Keisha confides in Tommy about not wanting to lie on the stand and not being built for that shit. He keeps it 100 and tells her it miiiight just happen again, knowing his track record. She don’t like that but says if he asks her to do something like that, she could consider it. Tasha gave her no choice.

Time to Shine or Snitch

You already know Alicia would be the next one to get pissed at Dre and join his long list of haters. Diego’s head popping up in his spot looks like she ok’d the hit and pays Dre back by demoting him to #2. It’s Cristobal’s time to shine!

Mak and Saxe roll up like pyramid scheme goons and press Tony Teresi in his home because they’re tryna arrest Tommy by Friday. Snitch up or head back to the joint. At the Teresi and Son drug spot, one of the guys in Tommy’s new distribution crew says something wasn’t right with the weight they just got. Tommy immediately thinks there’s a snitch in that guy’s crew. Sammy thinks something funny is goin on, but Teresi assures him they’ll take Tommy down for ordering the Sandoval hit.

The Mak and Saxe trash tag team decide to annoy Proctor next. They up the stakes by asking him to wear a wire after pulling out the “indictment won’t look good for your daughter’s custody battle” card. He shuts that shit down. That is, until he gets offered immunity whether Ghost does or doesn’t say something on the recording.

Angela Valdez goes to see Dre about witness protection to give up Alicia Jimenez. He seriously considers it after his demotion.

Folks Get Caught Today!

Tommy out here telling Tony all the details about his come up with the Serbs, taking out Milan and everything! Ghost walks in and Teresi excuses himself. They still got a shaky relationship cuz Tommy doesn’t really believe Ghost had nothing to do with Kanan’s death. Ghost reasons with Tommy, telling him that allowing Teresi into his life like this is a real bad move and when it goes down, don’t say he didn’t tell him so! After more skepticism from Sammy, Teresi tells his boy the full extend of his immunity deal and claims he ain’t getting soft for the son he never had. Ain’t no catch in the park happenin round here!

Cristobal and Dre smooth things over, as Cristobal tells him he thinks Alicia wants a piece of the new boss’ ass. Dre look worried as hell. He immediately runs to accept Angela’s offer of witness protection and gives up the Alicia and Cristobal drop-off location. Meanwhile, these Alicia and Cristobal are busy filling the Power skin-on-skin action quota of the week. Alicia’s phone rings and the FBI storms the room and cuffs they asses with the quickness!

Back at HQ Maxine Waters Swag congratulates Angela along with the rest of the office, except Mak and Saxe who are clearly up to something! Tamieka goes into one of their offices and finds the pics of Mak and Saxe with Teresi! She snaps some pics and calls in Mak, demanding to know who their snitch is. He tells her and you can just feel it’s about to go down! Angela bout to be on her Nino Brown bullshit!

Tariq goes to see Vincent about moving the weight that Kanan “left behind”. He ain’t really with the teenage pusha shit, but agrees on a 1-time trial cuz of course he does.

Mak and Saxe call up Teresi to get him to officially give up Tommy but he says he can only give up Ghost, James St. Patrick. Sammy overhears him and questions how close he and Tommy are becoming. Tony responds by stabbing his best friend in the world in the gut.

Angela pops up on Jamie at Truth and drops the photos on him. She tells him he has to put Tommy on before they all go down. Ghost heads straight to Vincent with the news. Vincent smart tho. He knows Ghost can’t bring this news to Tommy cuz he’d be mad as hell. Once Tommy tells him they both ain’t got nothing to lose but a rat, Vincent is down.

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Mak and Saxe wire up Proctor and he gets his protection. He goes to see Ghost and reminds him he’s technically not his client yet, cuz he hasn’t paid him a retainer for his fees since getting his license back. After being reminded about them being family, Proctor writes that he’s wearing a wire on a napkin. Proctor then proceeds to ask Ghost some incriminating questions then throws in a few about Angela’s involvement. James handles them easily, then nearly chokes the life out that biy once he stops the wire from recording. Proctor tells him it’s time to give up his love for Angela if they’re going this hard to bring her ass down.

Tommy walks into the Italian spot to see Vincent all happy-go-lucky and shit. He wastes no time telling Tommy that Teresi is a snitch and orders him to kill Tony. Tommy wants no part of it, but knows what he has to do.

He takes Tony for a ride and forces him to admit his snitch ways. Tommy recalls the story of him canceling Christmas on a girl he once loved, who was kissed by fire, then drops Teresi off to see his wife (for the last time). Disappointed, Tommy shakes his head as Tony returns to the car. He doesn’t want to do it, but knows that an order from Vincent is an order you have to fulfill. In the 2nd most gutwrenching murder of Tommy’s recent life, he shoots his father dead in the gut. He then ignores Keisha’s call and goes to cry in his mother’s arms after dropping the body off at the cemetery.

In the final cliffhanger scene before the finale, Tameika ‘Maxine Waters Swag’ Robinson walks our ride-or-die Angela to her hyena ambush! The Legion of Haters pounce on her with the receipts!! They watched Teresi closely after Mak gave up the identity of their informant, and him appearing dead a day later is looking real bad for Ms. Valdez. Will Angela stay true or flip on her boo to save her own ass?

Power Moves

James and Tate continue scheming.

Quote of the Episode:
“You ain’t never kill nobody right?” -Keisha to Tommy.
*crickets* -Tommy

Moral of the Day:
Family always got your back.

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