Redline: An Anime Movie No One Should Miss

First question, have you heard of Redline? You most likely haven’t and that’s okay, don’t feel bad. Just know that your life is incomplete without watching this movie at least 2 times. Redline is an anime movie about racing that was released at a film festival in 2009 and officially in 2010. The movie was produced by Madhouse so you know the animation is on point. Redline is full of action and characters that are pretty fleshed out even though the main motive of the film is actually to bombard you with beautiful set pieces and a bangin’ soundtrack. So here’s why you NEED to watch Redline.

The plot revolves around a cool cat named JP (nicknamed “Sweet” JP) and his boss hairdo. Well, it revolves around him and his journey to the ultimate race, “Redline.” The plot has action and drama as expected from a racing story, with plenty of twists and turns. Honestly, without spoiling anything, there’s not much I can tell you about the plot other than that it’s satisfying in all the right ways. This movie is what anime is all about. It has a plot that never gets lost in the animation and crazy action scenes that are the meat of this film. When anime is done right it just gives you an all-around good feeling, and Redline epitomizes that.

The animation and action scenes serve as this movie’s main course. The way that it makes you feel like the characters are going as fast as the speed of light is a sight to behold. The characters’ shapes becomes distorted and they even have nosebleeds from how fast they go.

This movie just keeps going and going like an anime Energizer bunny. There’s racers with rockets, lasers and huge race cars each with their own flavor to them. JP drives a Yellow TransAM20000 which looks so damn good speeding through the space-age tracks.

The movie has aliens, explosions, comedy, action, drama, friendship, with even a little romance sprinkled into it. While you’re watching this movie you’ll probably think “there’s no way that all of this won’t just fall apart” with how much shit they pack into it, but it never does. Redline is honestly one of the greatest animated movies of all time and it’s something that anyone, anime fan or not, can enjoy. So now that you know about Redline there’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch it so godspeed to all of you and go enjoy it.

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