Maaaaan listen, we live in a world where christian bale is playing Moses, Ben Kingsley is Ramses and Sigourney Weaer is the egyptian Queen Tuya….

on top of all that they making sphinxes with white features cause you know, we wanna make “history” as accurate as possible

Hollywood just don't see races... or their history
“I just don’t see races”-Hollywood

representation is as bad as it is ever going to get for people of color, be it in any form of media. If we aren’t stereotyped, token or white washed, it’s nothing short of a miracle at this point. Whenever gets on their tidal wave of white washing african/black/non-white history I’m in the stands like…

"nope... thats that nmm nmm right there"
“nope… thats that nmm nmm right there”

This brings us to an interesting question, what happens when people of color start taking the lead? There have been some artists on tumblr/ the interwebs doing just that showing many famous cartoons be it Disney princess or ____ characters race bent. Lames will troll and say, “oh this is reverse racism”. When taking (predominately) white characters and portraying them as people of color in actuality this is allowing diversity via people of color to be represented/ included in these “classic” stories too. In other words, We in this piece too white America. Oh Prince charming can’t be black? They said the same thing about Spider-Man and Captain America but we in this piece. We here.

sephiramy delivers to us what Frozen would look like if Disney was about that Scandinavian life for really reals

Cristina Kokoro has done some of the best Disney race bent collection in the game thus far

There aren’t many poc in anime, we’ve seen recently in Naruto black ninjas and even a black kage (shout out to the Village Hidden in the Clouds) which is incredible. In the Dragon Ball Z days we’d say Piccalo was black but ehhh nooo. Which is why it’s great to see Tovio Rogers art work commission on a Black Saiyan family.

Now if we are talking representation, If we talking that people of the color getting seen, If we talking that all black everything…. then we got to be talking about Illumistrations The Gawd. The majority of his work portrays people of color but also the majority of it is women of color. Oh yes, black super girl? he got you. A black Black Canary? He got you. lllumistrations is doing the damn thing.

newtumblr_n8qc3w2xva1qbog47o1_1280new sailor moonnew ash

The reality is that Hollywood mighty not love us but we got artist and writers still out there making the representation of diversity out for the masses. Hollywood ain’t going do it for us therefore folk done started taking the initiative into their own ink.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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