Resident Evil 7 was announced and shown at E3 and it has garnered mixed reactions, to say the least. Catch the trailer here:

The first thing you might notice is that it’s in first person. Resident Evil: Survivor was also first person but we don’t really talk about that one. Except for this point-of-view change, Capcom looks like they’re finally going back to what made Resident Evil great in the first place — the horror. Not to say the most recent games weren’t great in their own right, but it’s safe to say they weren’t very scary, right? Cue dramatic noises. People are comparing this new game to Silent Hill PT, the cancelled Silent Hill game that looked super good. That’s a whole story in itself. Comparisons are also being made to Condemned in the way the camera looks and feels, not to mention the mannequins.

While those comparisons are fair, this game will still be a Resident Evil game. Although the standard zombies and Resident Evil-type creatures haven’t been highlighted yet that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the game. Before Resident Evil 4 came out there was hate about the camera, and that ended up being one of the best games in the franchise. E3 also brought us this gameplay preview.

So should you be hype? YES you should be hype! The fact that it somewhat resembles Silent Hill and Condemned means that this game will be scary as hell. This game will make you nervous, anxious, and most likely sweaty. I could barely watch the gameplay of it with headphones on. So before you get out your pitchforks let’s wait and see what else is shown about the game. When there is more info you’ll definitely see it around these parts, ya hear?!

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  • Jenell

    Being a die hard RE fan this game demo really made my balls itch! It was on some Ghost Guys, Blair Witch, Texas Chainsaw Massacre steez, and I’m not here for it. On the flip side I guess you can only do so much with the T-virus + Uraburos. Smh dream game: RE5 with an RE1 from PS1 plot. They could even give me post-apocalyptic RE survivors. So many possibilities, ugh sorry for the dissertation ?

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