Runaways #11 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel

Rainbow Rowell is back on that supremely impressive character development game. That literary prowess that would make J. K. Rawlings jealous. That fleshed out teammate depiction that you need in a Runways comic, and that our most troubled heroes deserve is they are to be completely understood for future iterations in Marvel history.

We find out so much when it comes to the fears and expected failures of this Runaways family. It starts off with my girl, Gert aka Real Ones Only, who’s going thru the most traumatic of times. She’s been suppressing these, ‘It feels like I died a week ago, but you mufuckas done aged 3 years’ feelings of separation and anxiety, but it seems to all bottle up in issue #11.

Runaways #11

She chucks up the meanest of deuces on Karolina and Nico, who so bravely offer to join her on a shopping trip to the plus size store. Kris Anka, straight up beasted in his portrayal of her reaction, shows a fuming Gert who could’ve shot optical laser beams more powerful than Cyclops ever imagined through the girls. It was Notorious B.I.G. G.E.R.T. “Fuck all these Hoes” season out here. Her final decisions and moments of this book are going to piss off some Gert fans while sending others into fits of uncontrollable hype.

While Gert was off to find herself in this cruel, aged world, the homie Victor gets that Doombot visit. He and Chase have been collaborating on ways to get Victor a new body and Chase is like a kid in a candy store when Doombot rolls up with Wakanda’s very own prized element, which Victor puts the kibosh on immediately. The comedic elements and banter between Chase, Doombot, and Victor have been excellent, and I just want to see them run off and do badass things together. Of course, Doombot predicted Victor wouldn’t be down with his calculated ass, and whips out a brand new suit of absolute fire. Victor takes it for a test run and is completely mortified. Kris Anka was on another level in this issue. You could easily follow this story by looking at each Runaway’s face because their reactions told a tale all themselves. That’s how good his art was.

Runaways #11

The final pieces of this issue brings back a fan favorite Runaway! I won’t get into the details if that, but real deal Runaways aficionados are going to be heartbroken by the end of this joint. This issue was so devoid of violence and bloodshed that it actually came as a relief. There are so many books out right now that simply rely on the savage aspects of superhero life, that it is one of the most welcoming things to read an engaging comic that doesn’t need to decapitate someone to get you invested. Runaways continues to bear the fruit of Kris Anka and Rainbow Rowell’s labor. You can tell each runaway and every panel is genuinely appreciated and worked on until just right.

7 Floating Heads out of 10

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