Runaways #18 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel

Before we jump into the dopeness that is Runaways #18, can we take a moment and pay homage to Kris Anka?! My guy had been out here serving Runways looks, styles and fashion flex like no other! This cover with all the Runaways slayin in their parents OG murderous pride attire?? Your favorite artist could never. And as I’m sure 90% of Runaways readers know, this is final issue goin Picasso on the panels for Rainbow Rowell and this beautiful series, so let’s enjoy this one for a little while.

It’s looking all the way bad for the Runaways fam. Gibborim got the young heroes hemmed up like Thanos did Loki. These baby giants got em lifted off the ground, feet dangling like Kane bout to hit X-Pac with a choke slam! Alex ‘Betray a Mufucka Quick’ Wilder got Victor by the throat, ready to sacrifice his cyborg soul? to these 3, but Gert has other plans. Her budding relationship with T1000 forced her to think quick and the most unlikely teen saves the day

Runaways #18 Review

Rainbow Rowell, the cliffhanger Queen does not rest in her final pages. After a genuinely heartfelt convo with himself, Alex is fed up. He ghosts the team and is off to screw somebody else over. But what is this? He hath gained a companion, but who could it be?? Smart money is on Molly, but we’ll have to wait until next month to find out!

Before we go, can we get a moment of silence for the fashion game killa, Kris Anka? I mean, look at this panel below! Nico out here rockin a classic, all black number, but it’s all about that attention to detail! That 5 pointed pentagram star!! Karolina ‘Give Me Leg Day or Give Me Death’ Dean with the midriff cross straps and impeccable glow! Molly in her classic Princess Powerful headwear! Chase and his luscious locks flowing in the wind. Maaannn Anka will be missed.

Smart, concise wrap up on this Runaways arc. Rowell leaves us with plenty to get excited, anxious, and skeptical about. Gib being left behind with the team could spell disaster, or he could become the newest member of the villain turned hero club. Will he be replacing the member of the team that bounces with Alex? Will Doombot be revived? Runaways continues to be a fun, beautiful and satisfying comic to look for each month.

9 Lost Time Machines Out of 10

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