Seven Secrets #6 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor / Artist: Danielle Di Nicuolo / Boom! Studios

You have got to hand it to Tom Taylor and Danielle Di Nicuolo, they did exactly what every creative teams hope to do for a first arc: provide stunning narrative closure and catharsis to the events and stage the world and audience for the next leg of the adventure. Seven Secrets has been consistently one of the best serial speculative fiction stories out on the market, and this finale cements that fact.

All of the element work in a wonderful harmony. Caspar’s narration has a wonderful melancholy that sets the tone for the final stand of the Keepers and the Holders. Taylor continues to flex his skills writing ensembles, by masterfully showcasing each of the different characters that we have grown to love and given them crowning moments of awesome. Di Nicuolo’s artwork is at top form, with wonderful action sequences and surreal set pieces that capture the vibrant magic of the universe.

And there are still dozens of questions that still have no answers. But the journey to the end at breakneck speeds is accompanied by a determination and resolution. Like Caspar, we the reader don’t need to know what the secret is. We just understand the magnitude of its importance. We understand how much larger than life it is. We have seen the lengths that friends and foes are willing to go for their respective ideologies, and that is joyful and awesome and great.

It’s no secret that I love Seven Secrets. I cannot recommend the series enough. Over the last six issues, we have had intrigue, action, and wonderful character work that is rendered carefully and beautifully and if you can, I really implore you to get the single issues now so you can be ready as soon as possible for the next part of the journey. But I imagine the collected first volume will also be a superb experience.

9.5 “Mixtures of Drive, Skill, and Stubbornness” out of 10

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