Sex Criminals #12 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction / Artist: Chip Zdarsky / Image Comics

Man listen, shit done got so weiiiiiiiird. Suzie and John done seen behind the veil on some shit they can not unsee. Their attempt to meet/recruit/see if weird shit happens when you climax with Mr. Douglas goes horribly, horrendously wrong. They see that when this dude climaxes he summons forth a multi-tentacled hentai-Lolita-Sailor Moon anime character that wrecks shit. Dude there is no reasoning with Mr. Douglas or the tentacled monster as it chases them throughout his house. Fraction brings us into a whole new element of the world where the norm has been waiting to be kicked down. Zdarsky straight up drop kicks that reality like it was drywall.


Fraction and Zdarsky give us a great action scene with this tentacle monster chase but the real show stopper is Mrs. Kincaid teaching her class about the misrepresentation of women’s anatomy throughout the years up until the present. The knowledge dropped through out that dissertation is nothing but hot 16’s and facts on facts on facts. It was a great parallel to have side-by-side with the action sequence. Zdarsky is great on the visuals as always, he is such a key element with Fraction on this book.

There is a lot more that happens in this issue, especially with Kegel face taking measures that will delve into John’s background. This was a fun issue as well as informative, Matt and Zdarsky always leave us satisfied.

9.1 tentacles out of 10

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