Sex Criminals #16 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction / Artist: Chip Zdarsky / Image Comics

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky took half the year off and came back to remind everybody who really runs this comic book shit. This is the creative team we need and deserve. We open issue 16 with a recap of everything that’s transpired until now. The dope part is we find out more about Suze in the process in regards to her father. The whole tongue-in-cheek full circle commentary from Fraction lets me know ya mans is back on his ol’ dumb shit (slang for being incredibly skilled for the hip-hop inclined).

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.38.32 PM

Fraction and Zdarsky were straight up trolling their own comic, talking about freezing time in a comic book where the images are already frozen, and other hilarious gems. The real shit occurs when we join Jon, Suze, and Ana, talking after their altercation with Dewey and Alix. Alix is roasting Jon apart by telling him just what he’s going up against with Kegel Face. We get a sense of Alix being about her shit off the strength: she is confident, expressive, unapologetic, and comfortable admitting Kegel Face and company are the only things that put the fear of God/Aphrodite in her.

Alix pointing out Jon’s flaws with how he’s moving makes you feel bad for the dude that just got his shit rocked by Dewey and his world intruded by Kegel Face. However, the reader getting this perspective lets us see there are no lies being told. Suze sees that shit as well. Fraction takes the rest of the issue to draw up more relationship and character development between Jon and Suze.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.59.16 PM

In case muh fuckas forgot, the dialogue game is very heavy in Sex Criminals and Fraction is second to none. Zdarsky is still untouchable on art as well. The best portions of this one was the diner discussion with Alix and Dewey and everyone’s reactions, especially the Doc’s. Zdarsky has an incredible talent for making these scenes true to life and relatable. Whether talkin’ or fuckin’, we never see a character through an over-the-top male gaze. Muh fuckas need to sign up for that art class.

With so many books coming out (and having to review them, no less) there’s just something about Sex Criminals that puts you on notice. It’s a book that doesn’t rely on heavy action (unless we count pounding the yams) and is far above the bar in its uniqueness.

9.4 Butt Stuff Attempts out of 10

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