Sex Criminals #8 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky

If I could just misquote Royce Da 5’9 and say” MATT FRACTION IS GOD TO ME! CHIP ZDARSKY IS GOD TO ME! AND IF YOU DISAGREE I HOPE YOU BLEED HYPOCRISY”. For real man. This Sex Criminals was the god damn truth. We see the fall out between John and Suz taking it toll on both parties. Suzie checks in to her OBGYN but there a stand in doctor enter Robert Rainbow. He informs her she got the perfect cervix while discussing types of birth control that she may be looking into as an alternative (all provided by Planned Parenthood. We see you P-hood) and after he asks if she be willing to let the interns check it out the cervix from the gawds (hilarity) Suzie decides to ask him out.

Cut to John going through troubles with his asshole therapist thing having a total scene in the mall cafeteria he runs into a guy that gets him…he just so happens to be a therapist as well. Fraction delivers some of the best psychology through our new old wise man’s dialogue. It is beautiful and makes all the perfect sense, he gives john some advice to do some exercises before seeing him… he also tells him to get a friend, not one he is fucking but an actual friend. We then cut to Suzie and Rob meeting then running into John. Come to find out John knows Rob rainbow alright… he knows him all to damn well.


The delve into Rob’s back story is awesome. We see how he is connected to John through their childhood as well as them playing catch up. Hopefully Rob is the friend John needs to have as well as a new reoccurring character for the series (horaaay for him being a POC too! Gotta shout that out).


Things seem to be going well with Rob’s hitting it off with Suzie’s roommate and John and Suz getting back on track…until reality comes crashing down HARD as fuck. Brick by freaking brick.

Yo this Sex Criminals issue should be in all health classes in high schools across the globe and be required reading in sex ed classes in college. This book y’all. This fucking book.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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