Cosplay Corner: Genderbent Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series

If you’ve been following Cosplay Corner since the beginning you know I’m a sucker for reinterpreting characters in refreshing ways to offer new insight or possibilities. This month’s cosplay does just that, bringing us a genderbent version of Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series thanks to cosplayer Shasam. Even as Batman continues to be reinvented over and over again in live action, comics, and animation alike, there’s something about the Bruce Timm illustrations that immediately warms my heart and reminds me of childhood excitement for a show with incredible storytelling, art, and character development. Who knew that inspiration doesn’t have to stop at the original medium, however?

Shasam 1

[quote_simple]”I would say that cosplay came to me. I was watching over Batman: The Animated Series and I watched Harvey Dent transform into big Bad Harv, then finally the legendary Two-Face. Instantly I wanted to draw him so I went to google for an image, and there she was staring at me, Meagan Marie cosplaying as Two-Face. That was it for me;  it opened up a door to a new world and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy cosplay because I love to create and it challenges me as an artist.”[/quote_simple]
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shasam 3
Her toes are even polished to match. HER TOES. Details on details.


There’s no doubt that Shasam’s artistry is at the focal point of this cosplay; what I love most (besides the hair— y’all know I loved that hair) is how she manages to create a somehow more subtle approach to the character than either of the originals that draws the viewer in. The icy blue of the body paint is reminiscent of Corpse Bride, which is to say the character feels eerie rather than merely grotesque, adding a different angle to Two-Face’s portrayal I haven’t often seen. Shasam, however, has not been without her naysayers:

[quote_simple]”Anyone who tries to excel in life will come across negative people trying to keep you from succeeding. I had people who thought I shouldn’t be cosplaying because of the color of my skin, cosplayers trying to call dibs on a character because they did it. You name it I had it, but I look past everything negative and I focus on why I am cosplaying. I love creating and it is so rewarding, no one can stop me from doing this. I will be cosplaying till the day I die. Why? It makes me happy.”[/quote_simple]

shasam 2
How many cosplayers do you know that can drink a frappuccino and still remain flawlessly in character?

If you’re interested in continuing to help Shasam achieve her cosplay happiness (and who wouldn’t be after looking through her gallery?), you can support her through her adorable store Shaz’s Bits.


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