She-Hulk #10 Review

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Javier Pulido

So, Marvel. Can we get a recount on the whole “cancel She-Hulk” thing? Because, this She-Hulk, this specific book that now only has two issues left, does some fantastic things. This was the conclusion of the Steve Rogers on trial story arc and it delivered. This issue is pretty chatty, but the framing and art (by the astounding Javier Pulido of course) help compliment the amount of dialogue. I mean, we are in a court of law dealing with closing arguments, so that’s just the contract you sign when you read this issue. But Soule does such a good job of capturing the persona of Captain America in addition to Jennifer and Matt that it feels like a team book of sorts without a ton of people getting punched in the face. Not that there aren’t any people getting punched in the face, because there are, but the fact that this book is so good without HAVING to do that, speaks volumes.

I hate to start the memorial too early, but twelve issues feels way too soon for this book to end. Soule and Pulido seem to be in sync so well for this smart, confident and level headed version of Jennifer and it’s unfortunate we won’t get a long run of it. Most importantly, its unique for the ways that Jennifer deals with conflicts under this creative team and its refreshing for Marvel’s line-up, especially with the Fraction / Aja Hawkeye title ending soon as well.

Another month, another really smart and gorgeous issue of She-Hulk. It’s hard to not talk about this quality book without talking about the fact that its ending, but we should celebrate a really well put together book like this, no matter what stage of existence it’s in.


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