writer: Charles Soule; art: Javier Pulido

After the big cliffhanger where Doom himself showed up and reclaimed his son in the courtroom, Jennifer struggles with her next move and deciding what she can/should do as a lawyer and what she can/should do as a superhero. Her seeking out the advice of Matt Murdock (enjoying his new relaunched digs in San Francisco) is a clever and logical one, giving that they share both a profession and powers beyond their mainstream work. The exposition goes on a little long during those pages, but there’s rarely such a thing as too much Murdock these days, so it was still a cool meeting of the minds.

The best section of the book, surprising, is the action involving Jennifer infiltrating Latveria, fighting doombots and her surprising motivation for being there. The resolution was a slightly easy one, but still satisfying enough to tie up this storyline. Soule leaves plenty of room setting up the next conflict, though, probably intentionally, it is pretty vague by the books end.

Can’t conclude this review without, as usual, pointing out what a great job Pulido is doing with the art in this book. Making Jennifer Walters understated and attractive while, ya know, being green, cannot be an easy task. He also handles the action just as well as the exposition and it makes for a great looking book.


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