She-Hulk #8 Review

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Javier Pulido

She-Hulk starts a new storyline but still carries the same balance and fun that has become pretty standard for the book. None other than Steve Rogers, lookin every bit of his 95 year old self comes strolling (caning), into Jennifer’s law office because he need some help…huh? Captain America needs legal help? Yeah, in a wrongful death suit. What? Tell me more. What Soule does so well with this book is the genuine humor, reactionary dialogue and smart ways to turn ordinary situations on their head. While I think that this characterization of She-Hulk can stand on her own in her adventures, it really is strongest when interacting with other Marvel heroes because of how different Jennifer’s interactions are with them. Throw in some ambiguous awkwardness with Matt Murdock, and we’ve got the makings for a great arc in this book.

Pulido has been back for a couple issues now and he’s just perfect for this book. The sometimes whimsical, classy and clean abstract against the potential of a Hulk-centric book just works so well in every panel. He seems to effortlessly switch back and forth between aggressive and calm tones, which highlight the duality of She-Hulk perfectly. Really, one of the best drawn books in the game.

She-Hulk is back to a multi issue storyline with some really big players in the Marvel Universe. Her going head to head with Matt Murdock is pretty can’t miss and should prove to be an enjoyable arc.


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