She-Hulk #9 Review

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Javier Pulido

Do you know what makes the announcement of a comic book’s cancellation even more explicit? When that very same book comes out two days later and its great. Because She-Hulk is great. This whole run has been up to this point. There’s been probably two issues I felt weren’t up to the level that Soule debuted this series at, but it has consistently been well paced, humorous and nuanced. Which might be why it’s getting cancelled because enough stuff isn’t getting destroyed in each issue. But I digress…

The storyline of Steve Rogers being on trial for a wrongful death suit takes many turns, all entertaining as Soule handles the legal jargon and procession well without bogging down the narrative. He does well to show the relative legal strength of both Jennifer (Cap’s defense lawyer) and Matt Murdock (the prosecutor) as they jockey back and forth in the courtroom. The further revelations for why this is happening and why Murdock is involved work well within the plot too, especially as we move forward with Steve taking the stand in his own defense.

As much as I will miss Charles Soule writing this book (ending with issue #12), I will equally miss Javier Pulido who draws Jennifer Walters PERFECTLY. There’ this soft elegance he draws her (and the rest of the book) with that doesn’t undercut her strength and size in a unique way. He has some gorgeous panels in this one, especially the use of silhouette when She-Hulk is running through town with DareDevil.

Another enjoyable story, and probably the best arc since the opening one. The cloud of cancellation hangs softly over this month’s issue, but it doesn’t negate how good the book is.


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