Fictional Mixtapes Vol 2: BNP Awards Cypher 2014

Cover Art by Kelsey

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***Hey guys, It’s your girl Kamala Khan aka Ms. Mad Mass. I wanna welcome yall to the Black Nerd Problems Awards 2014 Cypher. I got the rest of the Marvel Now young guns with me. That’s Miles Morales, Kate Bishop, Robbie Reyes and America Chavez. We gonna get this cypher going soooooo I’ma pass it to K. Bishop to start it off…***

Kate Bishop aka Hawks McCaw
Young Avengers #1, New York City

Art By Annie Wu
Art By Annie Wu

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“Young rich brat //dunno how to act,
was pushing Cadillacs // back when Clint got clapped
now the bow strings get snapped back //like 90’s caps.
Yeah, Young Avenger of the year, //not a Green Lantern
but the girl got No Fear.
Marvel know my faction for action//
the quiver stay packin

Bishop keep the body count stacking//trick arrow leave’em in halves//
Matt Fraction”

Robbie Reyes aka Young Skull Candy
All-New Ghost Rider #1, East LA

Art By Felipe Smith
Art By Felipe Smith

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“I said it like, don’t call me a role model
with my soul hollow // Living in East LA with no privilege //
to see tomorrow. //Maaaan, its looking like the end of days
Hyde got gangs //letting the AK spray murals of the streets
paved with graves

I’m holding Eli back from his old ways but the readers wanna see this new age Johnny Blaze”

America Chavez aka Bawse Ass Bae
Vengeance Vol 1 #1, New York City (by way of Earth-TRN366)


“Should I mention I’m cross //hopping dimensions taking it to//
villains like they d-list henchmen?// Listen, I got a team of
misfits and a punch that fucks up physics,

now Miss America could start flexin the muscle like the NRA but yall lucky I got a strict gun control polisay (policy)”

Miles Morales aka Young Ether Webs
Ultimate Fall out #4, New York City (Ultimate Universe)

Miles New Meme

“Ya boy been fucking with Bendis // the kid shoulda been
first draft pick to Earth-616//
after I took over ultimate universe
after Peter Parker got put in hearse// and after that
anyone can get the assist from Captain America to//
Charles Xavia (Xavier),

my behavior is braver since I been packing Parker’s web shooter with web fluid fully loaded in the chamber”

Kamala Khan aka Ms. Mad Mass
Captain Marvel #14, Jersey City


“If the sales low // get Kamala for the cameo,
The alien Pakistani-American //bringing the readers in.
Diss me? them hands embiggen,// talk shit on the Carol Corps?
Then the conversation endin.

Just a young feminist repping her hood (Hijab), When I holla back, yall can tumble that (re-blog)”


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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