Writer: Cullen Bunn; Artist: Dale Eaglesham

Confession up front: Thaal Sinestro is one of my favorite characters in the DCU. His moral compass is so complex, that he’s often regarded as a villain even though he thinks himself a hero that happens to be ruthless in his resolve. This is immediately present as we find Sinestro, his yellow power ring inactive, Parallax having left him long ago, praying in a temple where the monks have been dead quite a while. Its a striking image, if not a restrart for him, considering he was one of the most powerful beings period when Geoff Johns sent him off in his Green Lantern finale. Now, Sinestro is waiting for death, feeling like he has failed his fellow Koruganians and the Sinestro Corps he founded.

By the time Lyssa (The Insane) makes her appearance and convinces Sinestro to reactivate his ring, we’re introduced to a couple of new threats in the galaxy that look like promising foes for Sinestro.

The beginning of the issue has a necessary exposition, but is pretty talky; the second half of the issue turns things up a bit as Sinestro has taken on the quest to save his “people” and take back the Corps he recruited. I would’ve like to see a little more of Sinestro bad-assery once he got his ring back, but the last page is a nice turn and will surely kick off the conflict for the next issue.

Slow but solid start, promises to have more at stake for issue #2, much like Bunn’s beginning to Magneto.

Review: 7.8 / 10


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