Writer: Brian Azzarello; Artist: Goran Sudzuka

It’s no question that Wonder Woman has been one of the (to some, one of the few) success stories of the New 52 DCU. While there have been some different arcs for the Azzarello run, since issue #1, it has been building towards the conflict with the First Born and his bastard reign on Olympus as Diana readies her army of newly reborn Amazon army. This issue focuses on the politics of the Amazon army concerning Diana ascension as their defacto queen (with Hippolyta still turned into clay) and simultaneously as a god. There is good writing around showing Diana dealing with her feelings of isolation, even on the island of Amazons and the vulnerability of her purpose at large. Instead of conforming to the the demands of Amazons, Diana goes against the grain with a controversial mandate to her “peers” which really reinforces the character that Azzarello has spen so much time with over this run.

The last pages of the book put a nice bow on a slow and progressive issue and further increases the stakes for the final showdown for Olympus (while giving us some answers to a series long mystery). All in all, it was a table setting issue, but still a damn good issue as we’re accustomed to with this series.

Review: 8.3/10


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