Sinestro #11 Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Brad Walker and George Borges / DC Comics

This week, Bunn completes the arc with Sinestro and his Corps battling Mongul and the Apex League. The big game changer of course being Bekka answering the “summons” that Sinestro sent out and thus shifting the battlefield now that a New God is in the fray. The escape and the turnaround by Sinestro is interesting, but Bekka’s inclusion is easily the coolest part of this entry. While the Sinestro Corps are dying off or being rendered powerless from their rings, Bekka addresses the ring as “just for show” because she was a badass already. I suspect that this may have been an isolated appearance by Bekka, but I would love to see what happens in Lantern Space if Bekka stayed on permanently, as she would make the Green Lantern’s jobs infinitely more difficult.


Ultimately, Sinestro gets what he wants without having to do much physical labor on his part, even if it meant sacrificing members of his own Corps to do so. That’s a consistent motif for Sinestro in this book if not a bit repetitive.

Walker and Borges combine on the pencils this month and the results are surprisingly good for multiple artists. The battles feel large and kinetic, but some of the weird and murkiness that Eaglesham usually brings to this book is missing. Still, a good looking entry regardless.

Bunn closes the arc with Mongul and gives Sinestro a really, really big shiny new weapon. This issue was action heavy, in a good way with some cool insights into Bekka and her “powers.”


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