writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Dale Eaglesham

So, even being the biggest Sinestro fan east of the Mississippi is beginning to not be enough to keep my attention on this book. Is it bad or poorly written? No. Is it a good characterizaton of the titular character? Absolutely. Is the book itself interesting? Well…

Like any good, complex storyline, there are multiple stories moving at their own clips, but what seems to be the problem is that so much time is spent on the least interesting one. While the quest to rescue all living Korugans was a realistc hook to force Sinestro into action, it turns out its a pretty boring plot development for sixty percent of the book to be focused on. Much more interesting are the internal politics of the Sinestro Corps that are under new (old) management (meet the new boss same as the old, old boss) or the coming conflict of the Pale Bishop’s congregation that has been seen in the briefest displays thus far. With said conflict seeming to be at hand for the NEXT issue, things might pick up a little, but since the rescuing of Korugans isn’t all that compelling, the ‘less is more’ approach with the actual threat hasn’t really worked its magic yet.

I should note that the art for this book has been good, but the splashing and bleeding over that Eaglesham did in the first issue, especially with Lyssa’s character, hasn’t been present since, all in all making this book fairly pedestrian at this point.

I still hold out hope for this book to break from this holding pattern and the end of this book might be indicating that, but for this month, we’re still just kind of waiting around for something we care about to happen.


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