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If you’ve taken a good look at the cover, I hope you understand that this is not a children’s book! Please don’t make that mistake. You’ll be responsible for some major therapy for some unlucky kid.

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I am a tumblr fiend  and originally saw the first few pages of this graphic novel online and was instantly intrigued by what I saw….


THE STORY: Described as an “anti-fairy tale’, it chronicles the breakdown of a small (literally) society when small acts of kindness, nurturing and civilized behavior go out the door to be quickly replaced by more sinister, selfish emotions and actions. Surely this book is not for the faint of heart. Pint sized…nope…even tinier Aurora, her Prince and group of tiny misfits emerge from, wait for it…a dead body of a little girl in the woods.




                                      (Wait. Do you leave? Still with me? I sure hope so)

THE ART: Vivid,beautifully rendered, water colored images meet you at every page, making it difficult to believe that these pictures accompany such a horrific story. It makes for a great juxtaposition.



THE CUTE FACTOR: Way cute. But…





THE CREEP FACTOR: Waaaayyyyy Creepy. Seriously.






Bottom Line:



It’s morbid. It’s unsettling. But cute. Does Aurora get her prince? Does SOMEONE have an happy ending? Is there a moral to to this story? I’d only recommend ‘Beautiful Darkness’ to those who can stomach oddities and stories that belong in the horror genre. Truly it, is a accomplished, horrifying feat with a deceiving face: Fascinatingly cute with a deadly story.


  • Carrie McClain is writer, editor and media scholar. Other times she's known as a Starfleet Communications Officer, Comics Auntie, and Golden Saucer Frequenter. Nowadays you can usually find her avoiding Truck-kun and forgetting her magical girl transformation device. She/Her

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