Sinestro #7 (Godhead) Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artists: Ethan Van Sciver and Geraldo Borges

While it may be a coincidence (but probably isn’t), Bunn’s story of Sinestro seems to suffer some from the same thing that Bunn’s story of Magneto over on Marvel does: Being included in a big crossover story and having a hard time finding its place. In a weird reversal of circumstance, Magneto is a better book than Sinestro, but Sinestro fits better with its current crossover event than Magneto does. So, I guess I’m not really blaming the crossover events…so what I’m really trying to say is: Sinestro doesn’t really do much in this comic book. Outside of a few issues where he reigned supreme in a few skirmishes, Thaal Sinestro himself doesn’t do much except talk down to everyone like Dr. House, except House had some resolution at the end of each episode. Whether it be Soranik, or his Sinestro Corps, or Hal Jordan or John Stewart, Sinestro probably has spent 80% of his solo book telling everyone how inferior they are to him. It’s not that it’s not true to his character. It just seems to be the ONLY thing to his character right now.

This issue in particular has a couple of wrinkles, namely the offer he makes to Bekka the New God and the fate of the assault on the New Gods at the end. His conversations with John Stewart works well enough, but again, the people that Sinestro converses with may change, just not necessarily the tone of his lectures. Maybe the team of Lanterns being in peril will help change that up.

Sciver and Borges combine on the pencils this month and the result is a good one. They do well to capture the look of Green Lantern at its most successful. It is a pretty good looking book, even if not a ton is actually going on in it.

Sinestro moves the story forward mere inches in the Godhead crossover and we get more lecturing from Sinestro himself. It doesn’t drop the overall story down per se, but it didn’t’ do a whole lot to forward its momentum.


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