Skyward #3 Review

Writer: Joe Henderson / Artist: Lee Garbett / Image Comics

Someone, please protect my girl, Willa. She was only trying to be free. It seems like that adventurous spirit and contagious optimism that made her so endearing is what is getting her into the most trouble. There is no simple way to summarize Skyward #3 than to say that everything has quickly gone to shit.

Obviously, Willa’s meeting with her father’s one-time colleague, Roger Barrow, goes sideways real quick. I’m actually surprised he reveals his true colors to her so soon. Let’s just say that this man is the absolute worst and it’s really easy to hate him. This all leads to a daring escape that makes for a really great issue filled with action, some comedy, and Willa at her best.

Willa seems to get herself into these situations a lot. Between almost propelling herself into space to crashing a high-security party for the richest man in town, it’s like she’s always two seconds away from being in danger. However, I imagine she loves the thrill. Henderson does a great job of showing us how smart, adaptable, and quick thinking Willa is during these moments. And even in the thick of things, Willa is quick to crack a joke or two. You gotta love the girl.

Garbett continues to be the man for the job when it comes to bringing Henderson’s world to life. He never misses a beat during Willa’s escape. From floating blood and hair to the various different ways the people of this world maneuver and have adapted to their everyday life in low gravity, it must be a joy to draw this book for the minor details alone.

What I love about Skyward is that every issue leaves you wanting more. I’m interested in seeing how Willa’s character reacts to her life (forgive me for this) being turned upside down. By the end of the issue, the stakes are raised to a point that her trouble doesn’t just affect her. I have a feeling will give us that and so much more as he continues to open up this wild and wonderful world.

9 Safe Ways to Make Love in Low Gravity out of 10

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