Something is Killing the Children #1 Advance Review

Writer: James Tynion IV / Artist: Werther Dell’Edera, Miquel Muerto / DC Comics

The horror trope genetics inherent in Something is Killing the Children will sound familiar between the boy who encounters a monster that ends up killing his friends and the strange blonde monster hunter passing through the small town. Yet, the execution of these concepts sets the series apart from its predecessors and peers. Tynion IV, Dell’Edera, and Muerto have banded together to tell one of the most tightly paced horror premieres in recent memory with resonant writing and stunningly sinister visuals that play off of each other brilliantly.

Originally billed as a limited series, Something is Killing the Children was promoted to an on-going series thanks to the out pour of support, and it’s easy to see why. Tynion IV invokes his own personal history with his main character James sharing his name and Wisconsin upbringing and infuses the small town of Archer’s Peak with a dastardly dark aura and circumstance, while giving us glimpses into a yet to be named monster hunter. The narrative is tightly paced, with scenes naturally pivoting into the next flow of action, creating an engaging experience that pulls you in. There is a depth of realism in how all of the characters react to the travesty and you can tell that Tynion IV put his heart and soul into this story.

Furthermore, Dell’Edera’s art and Muerto’s colors are thrilling to watch. From the cold open at the start of the issue to the final page, it is visually stunning. Dell’Edera deserves high praise for their character design and manifesting Tynion IV’s vision. Muerto’s colors accent the pencils and help annunciate the horror tone and vibe of the series perfectly, with a wide palette that sets the mode and compliments the setting.

Something is Killing the Children #1 is a remarkably chilling introduction to the world and blends and remixes various horror elements to create something thrillingly fascinating. Tynion IV, Dell’Edera, and Muerto are a wonderfully cohesive team, and I can’t wait to read more.

9.2 “Truth or Dares” out of 10

Tune in next week for an exclusive interview with James Tynion IV and editor Eric Harbum as they discuss how the series came into being and some spoiler-laden insights into the first issue.

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