Spider-Man #16 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Oscar Bazaldua / Marvel Comics

Felicia Hard is back to making moves but the main focus this issue is Miles and his mother finally having the talk. You know the talk, I’m talking about. It’s the one all Marvel teen heroes gotta have when they come of age and are out in the world. …The superhero origin talk. Rio is feeling betrayed having not known Jefferson and Miles’ dual lives in the superhero community for so long and sits down with her son in order to find out how everything came to be with him getting caught up in the world of bright lights and tight tights.

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Personally, it’s hard for me to believe Rio would be this upset with Miles when originally she had already figured out that Miles was Spider-Man before she died. The Rio of old was proud of her son and was the one telling him he couldn’t tell his father Jeff because of his feeling toward the whole superpowered world (that we come to find he was a part of). I know we’re in a new universe and Molecule Man gave Rio a new lease on life that includes a blank slate from knowing Miles secret, I suppose personally I’m just waiting for Miles or Jefferson to tell her that she died and already knew about Miles. I know I’m coming off with some bias here and I apologize; the bright side of this is now we see a different side of Rio reacting to the news. It’s basically a role reversal with Jeff with Rio’s reaction in the 616 universe.

We see Miles finally get to go off and let loose as he unleashed what’s been bothering him but we also see Ganke (when he’s not being ignorant of how hard it is to be a mutant [why is Ganke like 0-3 on oblivious comments in this series iteration now?]) getting more familiar with the woman from youtube. I’m glad we’re starting to see Ganke get his own world within a world built as well as a wee bit of reference/shade to Spider-Man Home-coming.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.01.25 PM

Oscar Bazaldua is very smooth with the character’s framing, detail, and look throughout this issue. The intensity of Black Cat and devil may care attitude of Hammer Head juxtaposed with Ganke’s obliviousness at reading the room and Miles’ frustration told an incredible story visually for Bendis this issue.

7.9 You no nann/Ned out of 10

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